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McGuinness anger at publication of Michaela McAreavey photos

16 July, 2012

Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness has said that publication by a Mauritian newspaper of photographs of Michaela McAreavey’s body was ‘an outrageous abuse’ that could not be justified in any way.

Mr McGuiness said:

“Just when it seems the system in Mauitius cannot heap anymore pain and anguish onto the McAreavey and Harte families a local newspaper publishes pictures of Michaela’s body.

 “The decision of the newspaper in Mauritius to publish crime scene photographs, including pictures of Michaela’s body is an outrageous abuse that cannot be justified in anyway. It is clear that these photos have emanated from within the Mauritian system.

“People in Mauritius need to realise that the eyes of the international community are firmly focused on their country and their justice system in the wake of the brutal murder of Michaela and the absolute failure to deliver justice for John McAreavey and the rest of family. This case will not simply go away as some in Mauritius seem to hope. I can assure the Mauritian authorities that people in Ireland will continue to keep a focus on this case until justice is done.” ENDS

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