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Antrim -- JJ Magee


Statements (9)

New Lodge community disrupted again – Sinn Féin councillor11 November, 2013

Councillor slams those behind pipe bomb alert25 October, 2013

Call for calming influence after bomb death threats to Sinn Féin MLAs11 July, 2013

Breaches by Orange Order marchers need to be dealt with - Sinn Féin councillor28 April, 2013

Policing must be impartial - Sinn Féin councillor8 December, 2012

Illegal fireworks need taken off the streets – Conor Maskey7 October, 2012

Are Loyal Orders involved in PR exercise over 'quiet conversations'? – Conor Maskey13 September, 2012

Welcome for withdrawal of unhelpful parade application – Conor Maskey7 September, 2012

Mixed messages being sent from Loyal Orders with Ardoyne application – Conor Maskey7 September, 2012

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Antrim -- JJ Magee