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Antrim -- Deirdre Hargey


Statements (10)

Belfast City Council must investigate UDA show of strength - Hargey3 March, 2014

State of the art sports facility for Cherryvale is great news – Deirdre Hargey12 February, 2014

Attack on mother and child despicable – Deirdre Hargey5 February, 2014

Petrol-bombing could have resulted in loss of life - Sinn Féin councillor29 January, 2014

Councillor welcomes Rosario Youth Club funding14 November, 2013

Vigilance urged after child finds drugs – Deirdre Hargey16 September, 2013

Cuts programme rejected as Sinn Féin welcome Belfast rates decision11 January, 2013

Unionists abdicate responsibility over rates call9 January, 2013

Erection of flags act of blatant intimidation – Sinn Féin councillor6 December, 2012

Threats to Alliance councillor should be withdrawn immediately – Cllr Hargey5 December, 2012

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Antrim -- Deirdre Hargey