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"Success of Euskal Herria Bildu is a significant expression of support for the Basque peace process." - Kelly

24 October, 2012 - by Gerry Kelly

Sinn Féin MLA Gerry Kelly has stated that the recent elections in the Basque Country and the success of  Euskal Herria Bildu is a significant expression of support for the Basque peace process. EH Bildu presents another opportunity to build on it.

Speaking today Mr Kelly said:

“This vote is a clear indication of the desire for the building of the Basque Peace Process. EH Bildu, in its first election to the Basque Regional Parliament have secured a resounding success gaining  21 seats with 25% of the vote.

“Taken together with the Basque Nationalist Party's vote the electorate chose two out of every three representatives from Basque Nationalist parties.

“The right of the electorate to vote for Basque parties endorsing the current peace strategy is clear and should be respected.

“The importance of this election and of the Aiete Declaration which lays out a clear path to peace presents new opportunities to consolidate this process. The Basque electorate have clearly endorsed this pathway. 

“The Spanish government should follow suit and initiate meaningful and inclusive dialogue to work on unresolved issues.

“Political trials should cease, EH Bildu leader Arnaldo Otegi should be released and the issue of political prisoners dealt with.  In particular the plight of seriously or terminally ill prisoners should get immediate attention.  The political process must be given ascendency over the repressive security response.”


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