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DSD Minister must take account of strength of submissions – Alex Maskey

30 October, 2012 - by Alex Maskey

Sinn Féin MLA Alex Maskey said that Minister Nelson McCausland needs to take on board the concerns expressed to the department’s Committee around the Welfare Bill.

The Chair of the Social Development Committee at Stormont said:

“We have had submissions over the last couple of days from a range of organisations and every one had serious concerns about aspects of this Bill.”

The submissions over the last couple of days have come from a range of organisations and groups including the four main churches, the trade unions, the Human Rights and Equality Commissions and from the community and voluntary sector.

“As I stated before, the Social Development Committee is ensuring that there is full scrutiny of the Welfare Bill. Each of the groups and representatives that have come forward has made strong presentations against the Bill.

“Tomorrow we will be taking further representations and going by the strength of the well-prepared submissions so far, the Minister must take account of the concerns expressed about the consequences of this bill as it stands.”  


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