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Maskey welcomes Judicial Review on Illegal flag marches

1 February, 2013

Sinn Féin MLA Alex Maskey has welcomed the decision by the High Court to grant leave for a judicial review of the PSNI and British Secretary of State’s refusal to prohibit ongoing loyalist flag marches past the Short Strand.

Speaking today Mr Maskey said:

“I welcome the decision by the High Court to grant leave for a judicial review on the failure of the PSNI and the British Secretary of State to deal with the ongoing illegal marches past Short Strand.

“I also believe that the community of Short Strand, who have had to endure the repercussions of two illegal marches every Saturday for the past number of weeks which have resulted in nationalist homes being attacked will be satisfied with this ruling.

“While everybody hopes that these marches will be brought to an end, this community cannot go on being affected in such a manner and have taken action in the courts.

“It is now abundantly clear from this decision that both the PSNI Chief Constable and the British Secretary of State have a case to answer. It is a disgrace that that Short Strand residents have had to endure this level of intimidation and disruption on an ongoing basis.”

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