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Pat Doherty


Pat Doherty MP

Pat Doherty was born in Glasgow of Irish emigrant parents, both originally from Donegal. He moved back to live in Donegal in April 1968 and is married to Mary. They have five children.

Pat was elected as Assembly member for West Tyrone in the 1998 elections and served as an MLA until 2012.

Pat was elected MP for West Tyrone in the 2001 Westminster election and successfully defended this seat in the 2005 and 2010 elections.

Pat has played a major role in promoting and supporting the strategy of the Peace Process.

Pat served as Sinn Féin Vice-President from 1988 to 2009 and headed the Sinn Féin delegation to the Forum for Peace and Reconciliation, organised by the Dublin government following the IRA cessation of August 1994.

He is a leading member of the Sinn Féin negotiations team and has been centrally involved in the party's dialogue with the Dublin government and British government.

Pat has travelled extensively for the party in relation to conflict resolution and has met with senior politicians in both Washington DC and Brussels, seeking support for the Irish Peace Process.

Pat is a member of the Good Friday Implementation Committee and also has a strong interest in Regional development, campaigning heavily for the A5 road project and broadband and mobile infrastructure.

Pat has two offices in the West Tyrone constituency, one in Strabane and one in Omagh, and travels throughout the constituency on a daily basis.

Pat also travels to London on a weekly basis lobbying for constituents and also to set out Sinn Féin’s opposition to Tory austerity policies in the north, the case for Irish unity and the need for a hands-on approach to the political process.

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