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Bill of Rights will help reconciliation process – Jennifer McCann

10 December, 2013 - by Jennifer McCann

Sinn Féin MLA and Junior Minister Jennifer McCann has called for the immediate implementation of a Bill of Rights and said it will help the reconciliation process.

Commenting on the annual statement from the Human Rights Commission the West Belfast MLA said:

“We still live in a divided and largely segregated society and if we are to move forward we need to challenge all forms of discrimination and prejudice.

“If sectarianism and segregation go unchallenged we will only copper-fasten the bigotry and intolerance that keeps our communities divided.

“By implementing a Bill of Rights we can assure that all our citizens have their rights protected.

“It is only through the principals of mutual respect, equality and tolerance for all that we can hope to move to the society, which most of us want to live in.

“We have an opportunity to drive forward a meaningful reconciliation process where all citizens but particularly our young people can live free from all forms of prejudice.”


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