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Government hype job creation but young people don’t see a change– Senator Kathryn Reilly

4 March, 2014 - by Kathryn Reilly

Sinn Féin Senator Kathryn Reilly has stated that government hype about job creation is difficult for young people to understand when so many don’t see a change.

Speaking in the Seanad this evening, she said:

“The real concern is the types of jobs you are supporting and lack of real investment in opportunities for young people.

“If we look at the spread and quality of jobs under your Government, the major growth appears in low paid sectors.  CSO data last week revealed that weekly take home pay is falling.  The largest jobs growth has been in sectors such as hospitality, which incidentally, is the lowest paid sector.

“The Border region, Midlands and South East still lag behind the state average Growth in technical jobs.

“People do want to work – the jobs growth in self-employed has resulted in 63,500 additional jobs.

“However, long-term unemployment continues to be at 60% of all unemployed.

“We have hugely high levels of youth unemployment. The CSO figures shockingly revealed that over the last two years, 76,300 under 34s left the labour market.  With ten people leaving the State every hour, the vast majority of these young people will already have emigrated.

"When will the green shoots of recovery trickle down to young people? In my conversations with youth groups and youth organisations over the past few months, the view expressed again and again is that they are a generation being left behind. From Gortahork to Cork, Belfast, Ballinamore to Dublin, so many young people feel emigration is the only way out. They see no jobs, relevant placements or facilities for them at home.

“At the end of this year, your Government plans to take another €2 billion from the economy. The bulk of your austerity to date – from property tax, to welfare cuts, has hit the low and middle-income earning families the hardest.

“This in turn has hit the local economy and resulted in job losses.

“Add another €2 billion of targeted measures to that, such as water tax, and I do not know how you expect to see growth in the domestic economy.

“Any talk of recovery has to start by focusing on the ability of middle and low-earning families to consume and that can be done by investing in them in the next budget. It also means investing in young people properly, and creating real opportunities for them here so that emigration isn't the only option."

Sinn Féin Manifesto for the March 2nd Assembly Election

View or download the Assembly Election Manifesto - English PDF

View or download the Assembly Election Manifesto - Gaeilge PDF

  • Foreword


    A Chara,

    No one has worked harder than Martin McGuinness to establish and maintain political institutions that deliver for all. Institutions that promote the cause of reconciliation and treat people with equality and respect.

    The hope and hard work of Martin McGuinness was undermined by the actions of a Tory government that failed to honour its commitments and is imposing austerity and Brexit against the will of the people. The DUP stand with the Tories.

    The arrogance and disrespect of the DUP to sections of the community damaged the institutions. On the back of the financial scandals of NAMA and Red Sky, RHI became the tipping point.

    Martin McGuinness called time on all of this. There is no going back to the failure of the past.

    In this election Sinn Féin are standing up for equality, integrity and respect. This also means dealing with the challenges of legacy.

    We are moving forward to a society where there is zero tolerance of racism, sectarianism and homophobia. A society where your identity is embraced and celebrated.

    We are about a new way of working within the institutions, ensuring they deliver for all our people on the basis of equality and respect.

    We are for a new, united and agreed Ireland.

    You have an opportunity to stand with us. To stand for change.

    There are some who want to sectarianise this election, to fight old battles, to halt progress.

    Their time is over. This is your time.

    Last May we set out our agenda for the Departments. We stand by that manifesto and have included a summary of its contents.

    What we win together in this election, we win for all.


  • Introduction


    A chara,

    Sinn Féin stands on our record.

    With an increasing mandate across the island of Ireland, we have managed to bring about positive change and deliver for citizens.

    Sinn Féin leads the opposition in the Dáil and we have played a consistent role in the Assembly, however the actions of the DUP have undermined the political institutions.

    The people need and deserve effective representation which delivers for them in their daily lives.

    This means that the Good Friday Agreement principles of equality, respect, parity of esteem, and fairness must be implemented and the Irish and British governments must fulfil their obligations.

    The recent admission by the Taoiseach that there remain outstanding elements of the Agreement is not acceptable.

    The Irish government needs to act as co-equal guarantors of your rights.

    This election gives you the opportunity to send that message loud and clear.

    Sinn Féin will hold them to account.

    Sinn Féin will also stand against Brexit and the threat it poses to the economy of the island and to the all-island architecture of the Good Friday Agreement.

    Sinn Féin proposes a special designated status for the north within the European Union that ensures Ireland is protected.

    Sinn Féin are for public services. We are for people having their due rights and entitlements. We are for the unity of the people of this country.

    And on March 2nd we need every vote possible to advance our agenda for positive change across the island of Ireland.

    Bígí linn, vótáil Sinn Féin.

    Is mise le meas, GERRY ADAMS TD Sinn Féin President

  • Executive Summary of 2016 Assembly Manifesto


    1. Health – £1 billion additional health spending;
    2. Economy – 50,000 new jobs;
    3. Housing – 10,000 new social and affordable homes;
    4. Welfare – £500 million to help those in need;
    5. Education – Increase to £525 million spend on Childcare and Early Child Development Initiatives;
    6. Infrastructure – £6 billion to improve roads, transport and public services;
    7. Rural - Extend fast-speed broadband to rural communities;
    8. Tackling Crime – ring-fence funding for front line policing;
    9. Equality – promote equality measures for all people and all communities
    10. Building the momentum towards Irish Unity

    This Programme will deliver growth in the Economy, provision of proper Public Services and ensure the promotion of Equality and Inclusion. In the new mandate, we will continue to deliver this programme.

    Our policies on health, education, employment, infrastructure, children and young people, older people and those denied their basic human rights were all designed to ensure that we improved the quality of people’s lives.

    In addition to the extra £1 billion of health spending we are committed to investing additional funding so we can deliver on the Bengoa Report and the vision that Michelle O’Neill, the Health Minister, has set out.

    In addition to the £6 billion to improve our infrastructure, including the A5, A6 and Narrow Water Bridge, we are ensuring that it is used to address regional imbalances, so as jobs and prosperity are spread across our cities and towns.

  • Integrity in Government

    Sinn Féin believes in accountable and transparent government. That means zero tolerance of corruption, malpractice and waste. To maintain public confidence, all allegations of corruption must be investigated with those responsible held to account.

    The DUP’s handling of the RHI scandal has undermined public confidence and will potentially cost the taxpayer £500 million. This follows the other financial scandals associated with the DUP, Red Sky and NAMA.

    A credible investigation into the RHI scandal was not possible while Arlene Foster remained in post as First Minister, given that she was the Minister responsible for the scheme’s development.

    Investigating allegations of corruption or the abuse of public finances is not an orange or green issue. This is about allegations of incompetence and corruption. That is why Sinn Féin Finance Minister, Máirtín Ó Muilleoir has launched an Independent Public Inquiry.

    The abuse of public funds means the finances needed to deliver health services, housing, education or welfare supports is at risk.

    The waste of public money in the RHI scheme exacerbates the already challenging financial environment due to the Tory austerity agenda. To offset the worst of those excesses the Executive must have control of the economic and fiscal powers in order to protect the most vulnerable, to grow the economy and invest in our young people.


    • Full implementation of RHI inquiry recommendations;
    • Publication of party political donations;
    • Devolution of fiscal and taxation powers;
    • Introduction of a register of lobbyists;
    • Roll-out of public education and awareness campaign on whistleblowing;
    • Transparency in government and public life.
  • Moving Forward

    There can be no return to the status quo. That means that all parties in government must uphold the principles of respect, power sharing and parity of esteem. Sinn Féin in the power- sharing Executive will exercise our democratic mandate to deliver a new politics, a progressive politics that delivers for all citizens.

    Partnership government has collapsed under allegations of corruption and malpractice.

    The Irish and British governments, and especially the British Government, have failed in their responsibilities as joint and co-equal guarantors of the Good Friday Agreement.

    Unionist majority rule and direct rule failed because they did not have the consent of the people. The strength of the Sinn Féin mandate has ensured that those days are gone.

    The institutions can only work if political leaders continuously promote the fundamental principles of partnership government and an equal society. The DUP has refused to adhere to the principles of the Good Friday Agreement, equality of treatment, parity of esteem and mutual respect for all citizens.

    In any future negotiations Sinn Féin will uphold our democratic mandate and give full expression to the rights and entitlements of all sections of the electorate regardless of national identity, political allegiance, religious belief or none, sexual orientation, gender, class, disability, age, geography, or ethnic origin.


    • The two governments must honour and implement the Agreements in full;
    • Ensuring that resource decisions are based on objective need.
  • Brexit

    The people of the North voted to remain in the European Union. The Tory government are seeking to impose Brexit on Ireland. The DUP stand with them and not with the people, or our economic interests.

    Sinn Féin will defend that democratic mandate and the rights of citizens.

    Sinn Féin believe that the only credible approach is for a designated special status for the north within the EU that will uphold the democratic vote of citizens, but will also ensure that the frontier between the EU and Britain will not be on the island of Ireland.

    Brexit undermines the integrity and status of the Good Friday Agreement and the political institutions. It will be bad for our economy, our people and our public services.

    The north must continue to have free movement of our people, goods, and services on a north/south basis, and between the other member states of the EU enabling us to benefit from the biggest trading bloc in the world.

    The north receives agriculture and fisheries funding, structural and investment funds and peace funding from the EU. These economic benefits must be continued.

    Sinn Féin is totally opposed to an EU frontier across Ireland. Trade tariffs, physical checks or border passport controls are unacceptable.

    Sinn Féin will work to ensure the Irish government acts in the national interest to make achieving designated special status within the EU an objective of the Brexit negotiations.


    • Securing designated special status for the north;
    • Free movement of people, goods and services.
  • Equality & Respect

    A commitment to equality, parity of esteem and respect must guide any re-establishment of the political institutions. These were the principles and values which the people voted for in the Good Friday Agreement.

    This will require a step change in the behaviour and attitude of the DUP. It will also require a step change in the approach of the Irish and British governments who are failing to fulfil their duties as co-guarantors of the Good Friday Agreement.

    Sinn Féin is committed to guaranteeing religious and civil liberty, equal rights and equal opportunities for all citizens. There can be no place for sectarianism, racism and misogyny in our institutions and our society.

    Peoples sexual orientation must be respected and accommodated. The rights of the transgender community must also be respected. Sinn Féin is committed to mainstreaming equality in all aspects of political and public life. This will include putting in place the necessary legislation to safeguard everyone’s equality and human rights.


    • A Bill of Rights;
    • An anti-poverty strategy;
    • Gender equality;
    • Acht na Gaeilge;
    • Marriage equality;
    • Strengthening disability legislation;
    • Strengthening racial discrimination legislation;
    • An Anti-Sectarian Charter.
  • Unity


    Partition has been a disaster for Ireland. It has failed the people of the north and south. It has failed unionists. It has failed nationalists. It has divided our people, our economies and our systems of government. Ending partition has now taken on a new imperative following the EU referendum. Brexit is a game changer.

    Now is the time to look to the future, to begin to debate and plan the type of Ireland in which we can all live and prosper.

    The Good Friday Agreement, which was supported by people right across the island, paved the way for greater all-Ireland co-operation through all island bodies and, ultimately, for reunification by peaceful and democratic means. Sinn Féin will ensure that the Irish government, as a co-guarantor of the Good Friday Agreement, upholds the rights of all Irish citizens, whether they live in Cork or Derry.

    A New and United Ireland will be multi-cultural, pluralist, inclusive and accommodating to all our people in all their diversity. The Orange tradition and the British identity of many people in the north must be constitutionally protected in a new agreed, United Ireland.


    • An island wide referendum on Irish unity;
    • Presidential voting rights for citizens in the north;
    • Greater development of the all-Ireland economy;
    • Sharing/integration of health and other public services
  • Engaging with the Legacy of the Past

    Engaging with the legacy of the past remains one of the outstanding challenges of the peace process. Sinn Féin acknowledges the grief associated with every life lost in the conflict. There can be no hierarchy of victimhood; all harm and loss must be acknowledged. We are committed to delivering equality of provision for all Victims and Survivors.

    Sinn Féin is committed to the human rights compliant implementation of the Stormont House Agreement legacy mechanisms. We uphold the rights of all victims to information, full disclosure and truth. The British government’s use of ‘national security’ to block any independent investigation into their conflict policies and actions is not acceptable. They fear accountability.

    Sinn Féin will not tolerate attempts by the British governments to give immunity to state forces and their surrogates in the unionist death squads. The British government were actively involved in the conflict. They were not neutral.

    Sinn Féin remains totally committed to engaging with the key challenges of truth, justice, acknowledgement and healing. We are committed to pursuing reconciliation. We are committed to building a future where we move beyond historical antagonisms of the past. As part of that process we are committed to adopting the UN gender approaches to post conflict situations.


    • The implementation of the legacy mechanisms agreed in the Stormont House Agreement (2014);
    • The immediate resourcing and commencement of the Lord Chief Justice’s five year Legacy Inquest Plan;
    • Opposition to partisan immunity for British state forces
  • Réamhrá


    A Chara,

    Maidir le hinsitiúidí polaitiúla le haghaidh cách a bhunú agus a chothú, níl duine ar bith eile ann a d’obair chomh dícheallach le Martin McGuinness. Institiúidí a chuireann cúis an athmhuintearais chun cinn agus a chaitheann leis na daoine ar bhonn cothrom agus measúil.

    Bhain gníomhartha rialtas na dTóraithe an bhonn ón dóchas agus ón sárobair a bhí ar bun ag Martin McGuinness. Theip ar Rialtas na Breataine a choimitmintí a chomhlíonamh. Tá siad ag cur i bhfeidhm na déine, chomh maith le Brexit, in éadan thoil na muintire. Seasann an DUP leis na Tóraithe.

    Mar gheall ar an sotal agus an dímheas a léirigh an DUP do chodanna den phobal, bhí dochar déanta do na hinstitiúidí. I ndiaidh na scanall airgeadais faoi NAMA agus Red Sky, d’éirigh RHI ina chor cinniúnach.

    Chuir Martin deireadh leis seo ar fad. Ní bheifear ag dul siar chuig teipeanna an ama atá thart.

    Sa toghchán seo, tá Sinn Féin ag seasamh an fhóid ar son comhionannais, ionracais agus measa. Ciallaíonn sé seo go gcaithfear dul i ngleic leis na dúshláin a eascraíonn ón choinbhleacht.

    Tá muid ag dul chun tosaigh i dtreo sochaí nach nglacfar beag ná mór le ciníochas, seicteachas ná homafóibe; sochaí ina gcuirfear d’fhéiniúlacht san áireamh agus ina ndéantar í a cheiliúradh.

    Tá Sinn Féin ag iarraidh cur chuige úr a chinntiú sna hinstitiúidí; cur chuige a dheimhneoidh go gcaithfear le cách ar bhonn cothromais agus measa.

    Tá muid i bhfách le hÉire nua aontaithe agus chomhaontaithe a thógáil.

    Tá deis agat seasamh linn ar son an athraithe.

    Tá siad ann atá ag iarraidh an seicteachas a úsáid sa toghchán seo – chun seanchathanna a throid, agus le dul chun cinn a stopadh.

    Tá a ré sin thart. Is leatsa an ré anois.

    I mí na Bealtaine seo chuaigh thart, leag muid amach ár gclár oibre do na ranna rialtais. Seasann muid go fóill leis an fhorógra sin; agus tá achoimre iniata leis an litir seo.

    Cib é rud a bhainfidh muid le chéile sa toghchán seo, bainfidh muid ar son cách é.


  • Intreoir


    A chara,

    Seasann Sinn Féin sa toghchán seo ar an obair atá déanta againn go dtí seo.

    D’éirigh linn athrú dearfach a chur i bhfeidhm ar son saoránach mar gheall ar an sainúdarás méadaithe s’againne.

    Tá Sinn Féin chun tosaigh sa fhreasúra sa Dáil agus d’imir muid ról comhsheasmhach sa Tionól; ach bhain ghníomhartha an DUP an t-údarás de na hinstitiúidí polaitiúla.

    Tá ionadaíocht éifeachtach chuí de dhíth ar an phobal; ionadaíocht a dhéanann difear dearfach dóibh ina saol laethúil.

    Ciallaíonn sin gur gá prionsabail Chomhaontú Aoine an Chéasta a chur i bhfeidhm – cothromas, meas, paireacht ghradaim agus comhionannas san áireamh. Ní mór do Rialtas na hÉireann agus do Rialtas na Breataine a ndualgais a chomhlíonadh.

    D’admhaigh an Taoiseach ar an mallaibh, go bhfuil gnéithe den Chomhaontú le réiteach fós – níl sé sin inghlactha.

    Ní mór do Rialtas na hÉireann gníomhú mar chomhurra comhionann ar do chearta.

    Tugann an toghchán seo deis duit chun an teachtaireacht sin a chur in iúl go soiléir.

    Coinneoidh Sinn Féin cuntasach iad.

    Seasfaidh Sinn Féin, fosta, in éadán Brexit agus in éadán a bagartha do gheilleagar an oileáin - agus d’ollstruchtúirí uile-oileánda Chomhaontú Aoine an Chéasta.

    Molann Sinn Féin sainstádas ar leith don tuaisceart taobh istigh den Aontas Eorpach le cinntiú go gcosnófar Éire.

    Tá Sinn Féin ar son seirbhísí poiblí.

    Tá muid ar son a gcearta agus a dteidlíochtaí a bheith ag gach duine.

    Tá muid ar son pobal na tíre seo a aontú.

    Tá gach uile vóta is féidir a fháil de dhíth orainn ar 2ú Márta chun an clár s’againn a chur chun cinn agus ar son athraithe dhearfaigh ar fud na hÉireann,

    Bígí linn, vótáil Sinn Féin.

    Is mise le meas,

    GERRY ADAMS TD Uachtarán Sinn Féin

  • Achoimre Fheidhmeach An Fhorógra Toghcháin 2016


    1. Sláinte – Caiteachas £1 billiún sa bhreis;
    2. Eacnamaíocht – 50,000 post nua;
    3. Tithíocht -10,000 teach nua ar tithe sóisialta inacmhainne iad;
    4. Leas sóisialach - £500 milliún chun cuidiú leo siúd is mó gá;
    5. Oideachas – Méadú go £525 milliún ar an chaiteachas ar thionscnaimh maidir le Curam Leanaí agus Forbairt Luath-Óige;
    6. Infreastruchtúr - £6 billiún le bóithre, iompar agus seirbhísí poiblí a fheabhsú;
    7. An Tuath – leathanbhanda ardluais a sholáthar do phobail sa tuath;
    8. Coiriúlacht – maoiniú a imfhálú do sheirbhísí duine le duine maidir leis an phóilíneacht.
    9. Comhionannas – bearta a chur chun cinn ar mhaithe le gach duine agus gach pobal
    10. Tacaíocht a spreagadh agus a thógáil i dtreo Éire Aontaithe.

    Déanfaidh an clár seo borradh faoin gheilleagar a chinntiú; déanfaidh sé seirbhísí poiblí iomchuí a sholáthar, mar aon le comhionannas agus cuimisú a chur chun cinn. Sa tréimhse oifige nua, leanfaidh muid linn ag cur an chláir seo i bhfeidhm.

    Tá ár bpolasaithe i dtaca le sláinte, oideachas, fostaíocht, infreastruchtúr, páistí agus an t-aos óg, daoine aosta agus maidir leo siúd nach bhfuil a mbunchearta daonna á gcomhlánú; tá na polasaithe seo ar fad déanta le go dtig linn caighdeán maireachtála na muintire a fheabhsú.

    Chomh maith leis an £1 billiún de chaitheachas breise i leith na sláinte, tá muid tiomanta airgead eile a infheistiú le go gcuirfear i bhfeidhm an Bengoa Report agus an fhís atá ag an Aire Sláinte Michelle O’Neill.

    I dteannta an £6 billiún le feabhsú a chur ar ár n-infreastruchtúr - an A5, A6 agus Droichead Chaol Uisce san áireamh - déanfaidh muid cinnte de go mbainfear úsáid as an mhaoiniú chun dul i ngleic le héagothroime réigiúnach; agus chun postanna agus rath eacnamíochta a scaipeadh ar fud na 6 chontae.

  • Ionracas Sa Rialtas

    Creideann Sinn Féin i rialtas atá freagrach agus trédhearcach. Is ionann sin agus nach nglacfar beag nó mór le caimiléireacht, míchleachtas nó diomailt. Chun muinín an phobail a choinneáil, ní mór gach líomhaint caimiléireachta a fhiosrú agus iad siúd atá freagracht a choinneáil cuntasach.

    Tá an-dochar déanta ar mhúinín an phobail ag an dóigh ar láimhseáil an DUP scannal RHI, rud a d’fhéadfadh costas £500 milliún a ghearradh ar an cháiníocóir. Tig sé seo sna sála ar scannail eile airgeadais atá bainte leis an DUP, Red Sky agus NAMA.

    Ní fhéadfaí fiosrúchán iontaofa a dhéanamh ar scannal RHI fhad is go raibh Arlene Foster in Oifig an Chéad-Aire, ós rud é gurb ise an tAire a bhí freagrach as forbairt na scéime.

    Ní ceist oráiste nó ghlas í fiosrú ar líomhaintí caimiléireachta nó mhí-úsáid airgeadas poiblí. Baineann sé seo le líomhaintí neamhinniúlachta agus caimiléireachta. Is é sin an fáth ar sheol Aire Airgeadais Shinn Féin, Máirtín Ó Muilleoir Fiosrúchán Poiblí Neamhspleách.

    Mar gheall ar mhí-úsáid airgid phoiblí, tá baol ann nach mbeidh an maoiniú ar fáil chun seirbhísí sláinte, títhíocht, oideachas agus tacaíocht leasa a sholáthar.

    Tá an timpeallacht airgeadais dúshlánach cheana féin de bharr beartais dhéine na dTóraithe agus tá sé i bhfad níos measa mar gheall ar dhiomailt airgid phoiblí i scéim RHI. Chun cúiteamh a dhéanamh ar na huafáis is measa, ní mór go mbeidh smacht ag an Fheidhmeannas ar na cumhachtaí geilleagair agus fioscacha chun na daoine is leochailí a chosaint, an geilleagar a fhás agus infheistíocht a dhéanamh san óige.


    • Moltaí an fhiosrúcháin ar RHI a chur i bhfeidhm go hiomlán;
    • Foilsiú síntiús do pháirtithe polaitiúla;
    • Déabhlóid na gcumhachtaí fioscacha agus an chánachais;
    • Tabhairt isteach de chlár brústocairí
    • Seoladh de fheachtas oideachais agus feasachta maidir le sceithireacht;
    • Trédhearcacht sa rialtas agus sa saol poiblí
  • Ag Bogadh Chun Cinn

    Ní féidir filleadh ar an status quo. Ciallaíonn sé sin nach mór do gach páirtí sa rialtas cloí le prionsabail an mheasa, na cumhachtroinnte agus na paireachta gradaim. San Fheidhmeannas cumhachtroinnte bainfidh Sinn Féin úsáid as ár sainúdarás daonlathach chun polaitíocht úr a sholáthar, polaitíocht forásach a sholáthróídh ar mhaithe le gach saoránach.

    Tá rialtas na cumhachtroinnte tar éis titim as a chéile faoi líomhaintí caimiléireachta agus míchleachtais.

    Theip ar rialtais na hÉireann agus na Breataine, go háirithe Rialtas na Breataine, ina bhfreagrachtaí mar chomhurraí comhionann ar Chomhaontú Aoine an Chéasta.

    Theip ar rialú an tromlaigh Aondachtaigh agus an rialú díreach cionn is nach raibh toil an phobail acu. Chinntigh neart mhandáid Shinn Féin go bhfuil na laethanta sin thart.

    Ní fhéadann na hinstitiúidí feidhmiú ach amháin go gcuireann na ceannairí polaitiúla bunphrionsabail rialtais chomhpháirtíochta agus sochaí cothroime chun cinn. D’eitigh an DUP cloí le prionsabail Chomhaontú Aoine an Chéasta, comhionannas cóireála, paireacht ghradaim agus cóimheas ar gach saoránach.

    I gcaibidlí ar bith amach anseo, seasfaidh Sinn Féin lenár sainúdarás daonlathach agus tacóidh muid go huile is go hiomlán le cearta agus teidlíochtaí gach aicme de na toghthóirí is cuma faoi fhéiniúlacht náisiúnta, dhílseacht pholaitiúil, chreideamh nó chreideamh ar bith, chlaonadh gnéis, inscne, aicme, mhíchumas, aois, gheografaíocht, nó bhunadh eitneach.


    • Ní mór don dá rialtas na Comhaontaithe a chomhlíonadh agus a chur i bhfeidhm go huile is go hiomlán;
    • Cinntiú go bhfuil cinntí acmhainní bunaithe ar riachtanas cuspóireach.
  • Brexit

    Vótáil daoine an Tuaiscirt chun fanacht san Aontas Eorpach. Ba mhaith leis na Tóraithe Brexit a fhorchur ar Éirinn. Seasann an DUP leo agus ní leis na daoine nó lenár leas eacnamaíochta.

    Cosnóidh Sinn Féin an sainúdarás daonlathach seo agus cearta na saoránach.

    Creideann Sinn Féin gurb é an t-aon cur chuige iontaofa amháin atá ann ná stádas speisialta ainmnithe don tuaisceart taobh istigh den Aontas Eorpach a sheasfaidh le vóta daonlathach na saoránach, agus a chinnteoidh nach mbeidh an teorainn idir an AE agus an Bhreatain ar oileán na hÉireann.

    Baineann Brexit ó shláine agus ó stádas Chomhaontú Aoine an Chéasta agus na n-institiúidí polaitiúla. Beidh sé mar mhíbhuntáiste dár ngeilleagar, dár bpobal agus dár seirbhísí poiblí.

    Caithfidh an tuaisceart rochtain a bheith aige ar shaorghluaiseacht dár ndaoine, dár n-earraí agus dár seirbhísí ar bhonn thuaidh/ theas, agus idir na ballstáit eile den AE agus muid in ann leas a bhaint as an bhloc trádála is mó ar an domhain.

    Faigheann an tuaisceart maoiniú le haghaidh talmhaíochta agus iascaigh, cistí struchtúracha agus infheistíochta agus maoiniú síochána ón AE. Ní mór go leanfar leis na tairbhí seo.

    Tá Sinn Féin go hiomlán in aghaidh teorann AE trasna na hÉireann. Tá taraifí custam, seiceála fisiceacha nó rialú pasanna ar an teorainn do-ghlactha.

    Oibreoidh Sinn Féin le cinntiú go ngníomhóidh rialtas na hÉireann ar maithe le leas an náisiúin chun stádas speisialta ainmnithe taobh istigh den AE a bheith mar chuspóir de na caibidlí Brexit.


    • Stádas speisialta ainmnithe don tuaisceart a chinntiú;
    • Saorghluaiseacht daoine, earraí agus seirbhísí.
  • Comhionannas & Meas

    Caithfidh gealltanas le haghaidh comhionannais, paireachta gradaim agus measa a bheith mar threoir d’aon athbhunú na n-institiúidí polaitiúla. Ba iad seo na prionsabail agus na creidimh ar a vótáil daoine mar chuid de Chomhaontú Aoine an Chéasta.

    Beidh athrú suntasach de dhíth ó thaobh iompar agus dearcadh an DUP. Beidh athrú suntasach de dhíth fosta maidir le cur chuige rialtas na hÉireann agus rialtas na Breataine agus iad ag teip ar a gcuid dualgas mar chomhurraí ar Chomhaontú an Aoine Chéasta.

    Tá Sinn Féin tiomanta do shaoirse reiligiúnach agus do shaoirse shibhialta, do chomhchearta agus do chomhdheiseanna do gach saoránach. Ní thig le háit a bheith ann le haghaidh seicteachais, ciníochais agus fuatha ban inár n-institiúidí nó inár sochaí.

    Caithfidh aitheantas agus meas a bheith ann do ghnéaschlaonadh an duine aonair. Caithfidh meas a bheith ann do chearta an phobail thransinscnigh.

    Tá Sinn Féin tiomanta do chomhionannais a choinneáil in achan gné den saol polaitiúil agus poiblí. Beidh an reachtaíocht riachtanach le cearta comhionannais agus cearta an duine a chosaint.


    • Bille na gCeart;
    • Straitéis in aghaidh na Bochtaineachta;
    • Comhionannas Inscne;
    • Acht na Gaeilge;
    • Comhionannas Pósta;
    • Reachtaíocht ar mhíchumas a neartú;
    • Reachtaíocht in aghaidh idirdhealú ciníoch a neartú;
    • Cairt Fhríthsheicteachais.
  • Aontacht


    Tubaiste uafásach a bhí sa chríochdheighilt d’Éirinn. Theip sí ar mhuintir na hÉireann, thuaidh agus theas. Theip sí ar Aontachtóirí. Theip sí ar Náisiúnaithe. Scoilt sí an pobal, an geilleagar agus an córas rialtais. Tá sé níos tábhachtai ná riamh deireadh a chur le críochdheighilt i ndiaidh an Reifreann AE. Is cor mór cinniúna é Brexit.

    Is é seo an t-am le bheith ag smaoineamh ar an todhchaí, chun tús a chur leis an phlé agus leis an phleanáil faoin chineál Éireann ina mbeidh rath orainn uilig.

    Réitigh Comhaontú Aoine an Chéasta, ar thacaigh daoine ar fud na hÉireann leis, an bealach fá choinne comhoibriú uile-Éireann trí na heagraíochtaí uile-oileáin, agus i ndeireadh na ndála, réitigh sé an bealach chun athaontú na hÉireann a bhaint amach ar bhealach síochánta agus daonlathach. Déanfaidh Sinn Féin cinnte de go gcosnóidh rialtas na hÉireann, mar chomhurra ar Chomhaontú Aoine an Chéasta, cearta do gach saoránach Éireannach, cé acu i gCorcaigh nó i nDoire atá siad.

    Caithfidh Éire Nua agus Aontaithe a bheith ilchultúrtha, iolraíoch, cuimsitheach agus fáilteach roimh achan duine agus a n-éagsúlachtaí. Caithfidh cosaint bhunreachtúil a bheith ag Éire Aontaithe Chomhaontaithe don traidisiúin Oráisteach agus d’fhéiniúlacht Bhriotanach de mhórchuid an phobail sa tuaisceart.


    • Reifreann uile-oileáin ar Aontacht na hÉireann
    • Cearta vótála i dtoghcháin na hUachtaránachta do shaoránaigh an Tuaiscirt
    • Forbairt níos cuimsithí ar an Gheilleagar uile-Éireann
    • Roinnt/Comhtháthú na seirbhísí leighis agus na seirbhísí poiblí eile
  • Ag Plé Le Leagáid Na Coinbhleachta

    Is é dul i ngleic le hoidhreacht an t-am atá thart ceann de na dúshláin atá fós le réiteach sa phróiseas síochána. Tuigeann Sinn Féin an brón a bhaineann le gach bás a tharla le linn na coinbhleachta. Níl ann d’ordlathas íobartach agus níor cheart go mbeadh; caithfidh gach dochar agus bás a aithint. Tá muid tiomanta do chomhionannas soláthair a thabhairt do gach íobartach agus do gach duine a tháinig slán as an choinbhleacht.

    Tá Sinn Féin tiomanta do chur i bhfeidhm na gcóras oidhreachta de chuid Chomhaontú Theach Chnoc an Anfa ar bhealach atá comhlíontach ó thaobh cearta daonna de. Seasaimid le cearta gach íobartaigh le haghaidh eolais, nochtadh iomlán agus firinne. Is do-ghlactha an nós atá ag Rialtas na Breataine “Slándáil Náisiúnta” a úsáid chun bac a chur le fiosrúchán neamhspleách ar bith maidir lena pholasaithe agus gníomhartha coinbhleachta. Cuireann freagracht eagla orthu.

    Ní ghlacfaidh Sinn Féin le hiarrachtaí Rialtas na Breataine chun díolúine a thabhairt d’fhórsaí an stáit agus a n-ionadaithe sna scuaid mharaithe aontachtacha. Bhí ról gníomhach ag Rialtas na Breataine sa choinbhleacht. Ní raibh siad neodrach.

    Tá Sinn Féin tiomanta go huile is go hiomlán le dul i ngleic leis na dúshláin mhóra atá fágtha romhainn, Fírinne, Ceartas, Aitheantas agus Cneasú. Tá muid tiomanta d’athmhuintearas a chothú. Tá muid tiomanta do thodhchaí a fhorbairt ina mbeidh an naimhdeas stairiúil fágtha inár ndiaidh. Mar chuid den phróiseas sin, tá muid ag iarraidh glacadh le modhanna inscne an NA maidir le cásanna iar-choinbhleachta.


    • Cur i bhfeidhm na gcóras leagáide a aontaíodh i gComhaontú Theach Chnoc an Anfa (2014);
    • Acmhainní a chur ar fáil agus tús láithreach a chur le Plean Fiosrúchán Leagáide 5 bliana de chuid an Tiarna Príomh- Bhreitheamh;
    • Cur i gcoinne díolúine claonpháirteach d’fhórsaí stáit na Breataine.

Your Sinn Féin Assembly Team