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Brian Hayes comments are offensive and insensitive - Lynn Boylan

28 March, 2014 - by Lynn Boylan MEP

Dublin EU candidate for Sinn Féin, Lynn Boylan, has responded to comments made by Brian Hayes this morning.

In his comments earlier today Hayes stated that Irish people actually “like the idea of surveillance” from outside agencies including the EU and that there was  “grudging support in the country for the Troika”.

Speaking while canvassing in the Ballyfermot area of Dublin today, Lynn Boylan said:

“Brian Hayes's comments are insensitive to the thousands of families who have suffered under the severe austerity programme Brian Hayes and his colleagues happily enforced under instruction from the Troika. 

The idea that people enjoyed that Troika surveillance or had a grudging support for the Troika is simply laughable.

“Perhaps Brian hasn’t encountered any of those who have paid dearly under his government’s Troika programme of austerity. If he had he would never have given consideration to making such offensive comments”.

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