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Sinn Féin will continue to fight austerity in Ireland and in Europe – Anderson

22 April, 2014 - by Martina Anderson MEP

“The forthcoming election is an important one. We can all make a difference. The politics of Europe impact locally in a huge way. Europe delivers over 70% of our legislation and the policies pursued by the European parliament affects us all.

“Across this island the Irish and British governments have tied themselves to the policies of austerity.

“This has cost jobs, has damaged long-term economic recovery, has impacted negatively on the most vulnerable in our society and has seen many of our young people emigrating for better future.

“This is unsustainable. Sinn Féin has fought these policies across Ireland. I believe that Ireland’s place, North and South, is in Europe and Sinn Féin’s role in the EU is to ‘Put Ireland First’. Others have failed to this.

“By electing a strong team across Ireland we can take a strong voice to Europe. Sinn Féin is the only party on this island to be standing candidates in every single constituency. Our team will, if elected provide a united and positive voice for all the citizens of Ireland.

“I am an Irish Republican. I want to see an end to partition and a genuine process of reconciliation based on equality and tolerance, an end to the failed polices of austerity, the implementation of an all-Ireland economic recovery programme, – united we are stronger.”

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