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DUP can't lecture on 'common sense' - McCallion

14 September, 2017 - by Elisha McCallion

If the DUP are seriously concerned about public services and well-being then they would end their support for Tory cuts and drop their denial of rights to citizens which is preventing the formation of a new Stormont Executive, Sinn Féin MP Elisha McCallion has said.

The Foyle MP was speaking after the DUP's Nigel Dodds accused Sinn Féin of rejecting a 'common sense' proposal to re-enter the Executive.She commented:"The DUP are in no position to lecture others about common sense when they have committed to support every Tory Budget and every piece of Tory Brexit legislation without even having seen them."Is that the approach they would like a new Executive to take? To give unconditional support to the same Tory government that is responsible for the cuts to our public services?"If the DUP are seriously concerned about public services and the well-being of the people who live here, then they would tear up their blank cheque to the Tories. And they would end their denial of rights to citizens here - the same rights which are protected in law everywhere else on these islands. That is the only basis on which any new Executive can possibly be credible and sustainable."

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