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O’Neill calls for meaningful dialogue to restore institutions

3 January, 2018 - by Michelle O'Neill

Sinn Féin Leader in the North Michelle O’Neill said today she wants to lead Sinn Féin back into a new Executive based on the principles of the Good Friday Agreement. And the Mid Ulster MLA called again for meaningful dialogue to get the political institutions back up and running.

Michelle O’Neill said:

“I called on the British government last November in meetings with British Prime Minister Theresa May and the British Secretary of State James Brokenshire for meaningful dialogue to restore the political institutions.

“That remains Sinn Féin’s position but to date the British government has failed to bring forward any firm proposals to move the process forward.

“I want to lead my party into a new Executive based on the principles of the Good Friday Agreement.

“Locally elected ministers are best placed to run local public services and fight back against the threats of Brexit and austerity.

“It is my firm belief that this can happen soon but only if the institutions represent genuine and equal partnership Government for all our people.

“The principles of the Good Friday Agreement were endorsed overwhelmingly by the people of this island, north and south, almost 20 years ago.

“If DUP continue to block social progress and rights and won't embrace meaningful power-sharing, then there is an onus on the two Governments to spell out how they will implement previous agreements in accordance with the wishes of citizens of this island, north and south.”

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