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Sinn Féin is committed to an independent and progressive Irish international relations policy, with Irish neutrality at its core. In the European Union, we wish to see a true partnership of equal sovereign states, co-operating in social and economic development. Within the EU, we have supported proposals and measures that are in Ireland’s interests and we have opposed those that are not, including the European led austerity approach which has stifled economic recovery.

Sinn Féin have always stood side by side oppressed nations and peoples, and just as we supported the struggle against apartheid in South Africa, we continue to actively support the right to nationhood of the Palestinian people and the development of a lasting peace process in the Basque Country.

Download a PDF of Sinn Féín's Submission to the Review of the White Paper on Irish Aid - 2012.

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The so-called Treaty on Stability, Coordination and Governance in the Economic and Monetary Union signed by EU leaders on 2nd March 2012 significantly reduces the ability of any future elected Irish Government to implement any policies of its own.

It hands over significant control of fiscal and...

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Support for Irish neutrality has been a core republican value since the time of the United Irishmen. But it has never been more relevant than in the 21st century.

Irish military neutrality has been a source of our unique position in the world, a source of strength and legitimacy. Through the...

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Download a PDF of "A Report of a Visit To Israel, The Gaza Strip and The West Bank, 6-11 April 2009 by Gerry Adams TD and President of Sinn Féin".

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Download the full text of Sinn Féin's 2009 EU Election Manifesto.

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