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Francie Molloy


Francie Molloy

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Francie Molloy has been a political activist since the Civil Rights campaign and was the Director of Elections for Bobby Sands in 1981. 

First elected in 1985 to Dungannon Council, Francie was selected as Mayor in 2001 and was part of the negotiating team which brought about the Good Friday and St Andrews Agreements.

Francie held the position of Principal Deputy Speaker of the Assembly and sat on the OFM /DFM committee. He represented the Assembly on the EU Committee of the Regions to give the Assembly an input into new EU legislation and CAP reform. 
 Francie also sat on the Agriculture Committee to ensure the rural way of life and countryside sports.

On the 7th March 2013 Francie Molloy was elected MP for Mid Ulster to replace Martin McGuinness and in line with party policy has vacated his Assembly seat. 

Statements (39)

Irish diaspora have an important role to play in Irish unity debate - Molloy13 April, 2017

British government must not deny right to vote - Molloy20 January, 2017

MP Responds to British Minister’s Email on “Superfast Broadband”8 November, 2016

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Strong Sinn Féin team selected to contest Mid Ulster – Molloy12 February, 2016

Tory austerity pushing more people into poverty – Molloy21 July, 2015

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Molloy joins disability protest at Westminster against Tory cuts24 June, 2015

Vote should be extended to North and Irish diaspora - Molloy14 April, 2015

Implementation of RPA a new beginning1 April, 2015

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