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Healthcare in an Ireland of Equals

Sinn Féin’s goal is to create a United Ireland based on social justice, equality and democratic accountability, where health is not determined by wealth – nor by place of residence, gender or any other social status.

As Irish republicans, our inspiration to make health a national priority stems from the Democratic Programme of the First Dáil Éireann (1919) which states:

It shall be the duty of the Republic to take such measures as will safeguard the health of the people.

In an era of unprecedented wealth and healthcare spending, the continued inequalities in health and in access to healthcare are an indictment on successive administrations, North and South.

As a party committed to cherishing all the children of the nation equally, Sinn Féin believes addressing these inequalities requires a radical republican approach underpinned by rights-based governance.

Our vision is of a seamless all-Ireland health service based on universal public provision – that is, one that provides full equality of access, and that is free at the point of delivery as of right.

Sinn Féin has resolved to create a democratically accountable national health service that is responsive to the diverse health needs of the population as a whole, and that is flexible enough to provide the highest quality care appropriate to the needs of each individual.

This document follows on from our earlier health strategy discussion paper, Health for All (2001) and the Six County health strategy developed under the leadership of Sinn Féin Minister for Health Bairbre de Brún, Investing for Health (2002). 

It is a renewed call to action for equality in health and in healthcare. 

We recognise that the realisation of this vision requires a genuine partnership and shared ownership with health service workers and service users to enact real change. Sinn Féin would welcome your views and participation in shaping a Health Service for an Ireland of Equals.