Ceart chun Tithíocht

Tá foscadh fiúntach ar cheann de na riachtanais daonna is bunúsaí agus mar sin de ceann de na cearta daonna is tábhachtaí.

This document sets out a series of visionary and principled steps to deal with the housing crisis and plan strategically for the future. Proposals such as a massive social housing build programme for the state, 2030 – Project 100,000, which would increase the social and affordable housing stock and eradicate huge housing lists.

Sinn Féin is promising that, if in government, we will deliver a housing blueprint for this island that makes boom and bust property cycles, housing waiting lists, homelessness and environmentally-unsound housing, things of the past.

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The coming election will be about who can deliver a fair recovery for all our citizens. At present we have parties that imposed austerity, punished those most in need and are now claiming a one sided and unfair recovery. Sinn Féin offers a republican vision of Ireland, deliverable policies for a fair recovery and a new form of politics. An Irish language version of this document is also available here.

View and share the document in PDF Booklet format here.