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Gerry Kelly was one of Sinn Féin's negotiating team during the years leading up to The Good Friday Agreement and after. He  is the party's Policing spokesperson. One of Sinn Fein's two MLA's for North Belfast, Gerry served in the Executive as Junior Minister from 2007 to 2011 and is currently deputy Chief Whip for the Assembly team.

First elected in North Belfast in the 1996 Forum elections, Gerry was then elected as an MLA in 1998 and is a prominent campaigner on issues of justice, equality and rights.

Former hunger striker, escapee from Long Kesh, and published poet, Gerry plays an active role in international conflict resolution processes ranging from the Philippines to  The Basque country and Burma/Myanmar.

He is Chair of the Assembly Procedures Committee.  

One of Sinn Féin's three members on the Policing Board, he is also Chair of the Resource Committee of the Board.

Statements (483)

Disappointment expressed at Pól Brennan decision17 August, 2009

Full disclosure should be forthcoming for McGurks Bar victims and families30 July, 2009

Today is a significant step closer to Policing and Justice transfer – Sinn Féin30 July, 2009

Attacks on schools are attacks on our childrens future.29 July, 2009

‘They need to justify their actions to the people of Ardoyne’ Kelly16 July, 2009

Sinn Féin comments on Loyalist Decommissioning27 June, 2009

Kelly calls for new approach to flag flying25 June, 2009

Kelly comments following ‘Tour of the North’ Parade19 June, 2009

SF comments on UVF weapons speculation18 June, 2009

Kelly to meet Parades Commission on Tour of the North17 June, 2009

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