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Commenting on allegations made today in the Belfast High Court concerning the role of missing Armagh man Gareth O'Connor in the arrests of four men in Tyrone, Sinn Féin representative for Newry & Armagh Conor Murphy demanded that the British State disclose the full facts and do not hide behind a public interest immunity certificate.

Mr Murphy said:

"This morning in the High Court in Belfast it was alleged that missing Armagh man Gareth O'Connor was a paid PSNI agent who was involved in setting up four other men for arrest. It has now emerged that the British State intend to apply for a Public Interest Immunity Certificate in order to suppress information regarding this matter.

"In the past the PSNI Chief Constable Hugh Orde has made public comment on this man's disappearance. He made a number of allegations claiming IRA involvement in this without providing any evidence. Others have subsequently ran with this line despite a statement from the IRA categorically denying any involvement in the matter.

"In light of today's revelations Hugh Orde has a duty to lift the lid on this entire case. I am demanding that he disclose the full facts surrounding this case and does not hide behind a Public Interest Immunity Certificate." ENDS


Sinn Féin Dáil leader and Finance spokesperson Caoimhghin Ó Caoláin has called on the government to use increased revenues to provide more social housing in 2004 and to reverse cutbacks in the Rent Allowance scheme. Commenting on the exchequer figures which show tax revenues coming in €450 million ahead of target, Deputy Ó Caoláin said there was "either a serious flaw in how the exchequer figures are calculated or there has been manipulation of the figures".

The Sinn Féin Dáil leader said:

"These are a remarkable set of figures but hardly surprising given past experience. The Minister for Finance promised no cutbacks before the last General Election but shortly afterwards it was revealed that plans for €900 million in public spending cuts were being prepared in his Department. Cuts were duly imposed on both subsequent budgets.

"The substantial increases in both Stamp Duty and Capital Gains Tax now shown in the Exchequer figures are primarily being put down to the so-called buoyant housing and property market. I don‚t believe the Government should be taking any credit at all for this.

"It is clear that far from addressing the chronic housing crisis that has existed over the lifetime of this and the previous FF/PD Coalition, the Government have been content to preside over spiralling house prices in a market designed to benefit speculators and landlords. The Government now has a moral obligation to use increased revenues from this speculative and inflated market to increase the supply of social housing. It should also immediately reverse the cuts and restrictions in the Rent Allowance scheme which are driving people into homelessness."ENDS


Speaking this afternoon in advance of the launch of the International Monitoring Commission tomorrow, Sinn Féin Assembly Group leader Conor Murphy said that 'the IMC is outside the terms of the Agreement and its powers contradict democratic norms'.

Mr Murphy said:

"The International Monitoring Commission is outside the terms of the Good Friday Agreement. It is ironic that the only aspect of the Joint Declaration which the two governments have advanced upon is the IMC. They have repeatedly failed to implement their commitments on policing, demilitarisation, human rights and equality, all of which are within the terms of the Agreement.

"The legislation gives the power of exclusion to the British Secretary of State. Such powers contradict the democratic norms and the rights of the electorate. Indeed the British Secretary of State who has been given these powers is himself in breach of the Agreement by virtue of his refusal to lift the suspension of the political institutions.

"Successive British Secretaries of State have suspended the Assembly on four occasions, at the behest of unionism. Nobody should be in any doubt that the additional powers given to the British Secretary of State will be used similarly.

"The IMC reports will be based upon information supplied by securocrats. The IMC will be no more than a smokescreen to validate arbitrary acts of exclusion by the British Secretary of State." ENDS


North Antrim Sinn Féin Assembly member Philip McGuigan has hit out at the UDA after they issued a public threat to his party colleague Cllr. Oliver McMullan through a Ballymoney newspaper.

Mr McGuigan said:

" Before Christmas loyalist thugs attacked catholic school children at an outdoor pursuits centre in Bushmills. Oliver McMullan highlighted this incident in the press. After this a statement was issued to a local Ballymoney newspaper from the UDA and was published in full. The statement is a clear threat to Cllr. McMullan and we are taking it very seriously.

" I am calling upon unionist politicians in North Antrim to speak out against this threat and make it clear to the UDA that they do not endorse this sort of blatant intimidation.

" Sinn Féin will continue to represent people in North Antrim and elsewhere and we will not allow ourselves to be intimidated by this sort of naked sectarianism from unionist paramilitary gangs." ENDS


Following internal party discussions this morning regarding the forthcoming Review of the Good Friday Agreement, Sinn Féin Chairperson Mitchel McLaughlin said 'that the focus of the review has to be on the failure by the two governments to fully implement the Agreement'.

Mr. McLaughlin said:

"This Review Process is about a review of the operation and delivery of the Good Friday Agreement and is a necessary part of the Agreement achieved in April 98. The failure by the two governments to fully implement the Agreement plus their willingness at times to step outside the terms of the Agreement, must be subject for the upcoming review.

With regard to its format Sinn Fein believes that the review should be time-limited to one month and its conclusions should be published promptly.The Review must address the many outstanding issues including the suspension of the political institutions; the human rights and equality agenda including victims; demilitarisation; the issue of arms; policing and justice; and prisoners and related matters.

With respect to the agenda for the review Sinn Féin has called for it to discuss a range of issues including a re-endorsement of the Good Friday Agreement; referendum on Irish unity; an expansion of North South activity/structures; the All-Ireland parliamentary forum; the all-Ireland civic forum; the Irish Language and Symbols and emblems, as well as the issues of sanctions and the IMC."ENDS


Speaking today from the inquests in Dungannon into the killings of ten people including Rosanne Mallon, Fermanagh & South Tyrone MP Michelle Gildernew said 'that the continuing refusal of the PSNI to disclose vital information to inquest hearings is symptomatic of a culture of concealment which infects the entire British system'.

Ms Gildernew said:

" These ten families have been fighting for the truth concerning the killing of their loved ones for many years. At every turn they are frustrated by a state sponsored cover up.

" The refusal to provide information to these inquests is not an isolated case. It must be seen in the context of the British government's refusal to co-operate with the Barron Inquiry into the Dublin and Monaghan bombings, the obstruction of the Saville Inquiry at all levels of the British system and the on-going attempts to cover-up the extent of British collusion and control of loyalist death squads.

" This culture of concealment is itself evidence of how much the British state has to hide in respect of its campaign of terror against the republican and nationalist community in the north.

" Sinn Féin will continue to stand with those families who continue to campaign for the truth. There must be full disclosure by the British state of its real role in Ireland over the last three decades of conflict." ENDS


Sinn Féin MPs are to meet with Direct Rule Health Minister Angela Smith in the next few weeks to discuss the party's proposals in relation to how it believes the deficit in acute service hospital provision in Tyrone and South Derry can be best addressed.

West Tyrone Sinn Féin MP Pat Doherty wrote to Angela Smith in December outlining how the decisions reached by former Health Minister Des Browne, have left a major deficit in terms of acute service provision for the population of Tyrone and South Derry.

MrDoherty said:

"I have now received written confirmation from Angela Smith stating her willingness to meet with a Sinn Féin delegation in the context of discussing our party‚s proposals on this crucial issue.

"We believe that these proposals as contained in our party document, 'A Healthy Future' represent realistic and sustainable solutions to the inequalities that exist in terms of access to acute health service provision between east and west of the Bann, within west of the Bann itself and in the north west region of Ireland as a whole.

"Sinn Féin has enshrined these proposals as a priority in our party manifesto and with the 4 Sinn Féin MPs attending this meeting with Angela Smith, Sinn Féin is signalling our determination to progress this issue without delay." ENDS


Sinn Féin leader in the Dáil, Caoimhghin Ó Caoláin, has said the recent comments by the Commissioner Romano Prodi and by the German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder about a two-speed Europe reinforce Sinn Féin's argument during the Nice Treaty referendum that the Union was heading in that direction and that smaller countries would lose out.

Deputy Ó Caoláin said: "Bertie Aherns protestations at comments from Romano Prodi and Gerhard Schröder ring very hollow. Sinn Féin has over a number of referendums on the future of the Union voiced our concerns at the negative development of a two-speed Europe where bigger nations will increasingly dictate the pace of progress across a broad range of issues. During the Nice Treaty debates Bertie Ahern and his Government were constantly dismissing our party for scare mongering.

"However, it is clear from these latest comments from two of the most powerful and influential people in the European Union that Sinn Féin's analysis of the situation was correct. The Irish people were sold a pup when the Taoiseach forced a second Nice Treaty referendum.

"No amount of spin by Bertie Ahern, Brian Cowen or Dick Roche can disguise the fact that the European Union is becoming increasingly centralised with power being concentrated in the hands of a few big states with smaller countries like Ireland being left with little or no influence or control over their own destinies." ENDS


Sinn Féin spokesperson on Transport Seán Crowe TD has said the Transport Minister Seamus Brennan will be "wholly responsible for the loss of service" if CIE workers go ahead with a threatened strike this week. He described the Ministers attitude to recent talks to settle the dispute as arrogant and "incredibly destructive" in terms of labour relations.

Deputy Crowe said: "Seamus Brennan's statement that he will press ahead with his plans to breakup CIE while negotiations with unions representing the workers at the company are still ongoing smacks not only of gross arrogance on behalf of the Minister but shows an incredibly destructive attitude towards labour relations.

"The unions at CIE have been engaged in what they thought were meaningful discussions aimed are resolving the dispute between both sides. For the Minister to undermine these very talks shows that he has no interest in reaching a resolution. It is obvious that he is more interested in playing the hard man with both the unions and the workers they represent.

"If the workers go on strike this week and withdraw their labour then it is the Minister who will have been wholly responsible for the loss of service to the commuting public.

"Sinn Féin will fully support the workers in whatever action they deem necessary to force the Minister to pull back from the confrontational and high-handed approach he has adopted and we will continue to oppose the breakup of the CIE group." ENDS


South Belfast Sinn Fein Assembly member Alex Maskey has said that he is seeking urgent meetings with the British security minister Jane Kennedy to discuss the ongoing campaign against ethnic minorities in the area. Mr Maskey's comments come after an arson atack on two houses previously used by members of the ethnic minority community.

Mr Maskey said:

"It is very clear that there is now a campaign in loyalist areas of South Belfast to drive members of the ethnic minorit community out. Over christmas in the Donegal Road area we witnessed two serious assaults and last night two arson attacks.

"Jane Kennedy has a responsibility here. So far we have heard nothing from her on this issue or seen no decisive action from her department. If this situation is not tackled then it is very clear that the people behind this campiagn of intimidation and violence will not stop until someone is killed." ENDS


Sinn Féin Education Spokesperson, Newry Armagh Assembly member Davy Hyland has backed the industrial action taken by teachers unions in the Six Counties.

Mr Hyland said:

"Teachers deserve equal treatment when it comes to pay. The last 12 months has seen a failure to tackle the growing discontentment within the teaching unions on key issues around pay. It is time to treat our teachers fairly.

"It is vital that resources in education, as with all public services, are channelled into frontline services. This means we need to pay our teachers a fair wage, particularly so that we support new teachers entering the profession and retain the expertise of our more experienced educators. Fundamentally we also need to see an end to the red tape that has done much to cause discontentment within the unions.

"The fact that the industrial action undertaken by teachers unions will not disrupt classes is to be welcomed and I would urge the direct rule minister responsible for education, Jane Kennedy to meet urgently with local teachers unions." ENDS


Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams MP MLA has written to the two governments outlining Sinn Féin‚s view for the agenda and conduct of the forthcoming Review of the operation of the Good Friday Agreement by the pro-Agreement parties, including the two governments.

Mr Adams said: „The failure by the two governments to fully implement the Agreement plus their willingness at times to step outside the terms of the Agreement, must be subject for the upcoming review."

The Sinn Féin leader added "the review should be time-limited to one month and its conclusions should be published promptly; provision should be made for input from interested parties from civic society, including other political parties, the voluntary and community sector, campaign groups, business sector, church, equality and human rights organisations, and trade unions and there should be dedicated meetings to discuss the various issues grouped under headings which bring together the different elements of the Agreement."

Mr. Adams said:

"This Review Process is about a review of the operation and delivery of the Good Friday Agreement and is a necessary part of the Agreement achieved in April 98. While we welcome the assertion by both governments that it will not be a review of the fundamentals of the Agreement, we remain concerned that some parties may seek a renegotiation of the Agreement.

There is an onus on both governments to make clear that this will not happen or that anti-Agreement parties will be allowed to use the Review for their own ends.

The review is not a substitute for working political institutions."

The Sinn Féin President called for the lifting of the suspension of the institutions.

He said:

"It is both unfortunate and disappointing that parties are considering their approach to the review in the context of a continuing suspension of the political institutions. This can only serve to encourage those who persist with a negative agenda and seek to veto the implementation of the Agreement.

The suspension is itself a breach of the Agreement and undermines substantially any assertion by the governments that its fundamentals are not up for renegotiation.The suspension of the Assembly should be lifted immediately."

Finally, Mr Adams argued that „both the format and the agenda of the review must give a renewed impetus to the full implementation of the Agreement.

With particular regard to its format Sinn Fein believes that the review; should be time-limited to one month and its conclusions should be published promptly; provision should be made for input from interested parties from civic society, including other political parties, the voluntary and community sector, campaign groups, business sector, church, equality and human rights organisations, and trade unions; and there should be dedicated meetings to discuss the various issues grouped under headings which bring together the different elements of the Agreement.

These include the political institutions; human rights and the equality agenda including victims; demilitarisation; the issue of arms; policing and justice; and prisoners and related matters.

With respect to the agenda for the review Sinn Féin has called for it to discuss a range of issues including a re-endorsement of the GFA; referendum on Irish unity; an expansion of North South activity/structures; the All-Ireland parliamentary forum; the all-Ireland civic forum; the Irish

Language and Symbols and emblems, as well as the issues of sanctions and the IMC."ENDS


Sinn Féin South Belfast MLA Alex Maskey, commenting on the revelation that of 51 appointments to senior civil service grades in the last 3 years that only four have been Catholic women and that there have been only 13 Catholics appointed in total has said that this is evidence of barrier to career advancement for Catholics and Catholic women in particular but also of the urgent need for change within the senior levels of the civil service and the appointments procedures.

Mr Maskey said:

"It is unacceptable that of 51 appointments to senior civil service grades in the past three years that only 13 were Catholic and a disgrace that out of that figure that only four Catholic women have been appointed to the upper levels of the civil service.

"This is evidence that considerable barriers remain within the civil service that blocks the advancement of Catholics and Catholic women in particular into the senior civil service grades. This should send out a serious message that there is an urgent need for change in supporting the career advancement of Catholics and Catholic women in particular within the civil service.

"We have had a review of appointments of senior civil servants. We now need to clear evidence of measures that will effectively address this situation. This requires a major sea change in the ethos within the civil service and the appointments process." ENDS


A Sinn Féin delegation including South Down MLA Caitríona Ruane ( Equality and Human Rights spokesperson) and South Belfast MLA Alex Maskey (Anti-racism spokesperson) will visit Asylum Seekers detained in Maghaberry Prison tomorrow, Tuesday 23rd December at 9.30am.  They will call for an immediate end to the detention of Asylum Seekers in Maghaberry and Magilligan and call  for greater co-operation with the Department of Justice in the 26 Counties on the issue of asylum.

Speaking ahead of the visit Ms Ruane said:

"Sinn Féin has consistently sought to highlight the conditions faced by Asylum Seekers throughout Ireland and we have opposed the locking up of asylum seekers, individuals who have been charged with no offence and who in many cases are fleeing from religious, racial or political persecution.

"It is a tribute to organisation such as the Law Centre, Multicultural Resource Centre, Refugee Action Network, NICEM, private solicitors firms and the Committee on the Administration of Justice, that they continue to fight for the rights of people who find themselves detained here with little or no support.   We need to see an alternative to detention developed which includes full access to community and welfare support.

"It is also vital that pressure continues to grow on the NIO to end this outrageous practice of detention without charge.  It is nothing less than internment without trial.  This is in itself a flagrant abuse of human rights and civil liberties.  It is wrong that Asylum Seekers are being held in both Magilligan and Maghaberry prisons, where sentenced prisoners are also held.  All human rights groups working in this area have called for this practice to stop and the Office of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees state that as a general principle Asylum Seekers should not be detained.  Here we fail even this basic principle.

"There is also a failure within the NIO and Department of Justice in the South to work together to address the issue of asylum.  There are a high number of cases where individuals who applied for asylum in the South of Ireland and then went to the North and have been detained for lengthy periods while the British Immigration authorities made formal requests to the Department of Justice.  In some cases this took 49 days, and the people in question had children in the South from whom they were separated.

"Legislation governing how asylum seekers should be treated should be based on European and International Human Rights Standards and in particular there must be a legislative force given to Article 5 of the European Convention on Human Rights and Article 9 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

"Over the years Irish people have sought asylum throughout the world and sometimes arrived in countries where they were initially treated in a very unwelcoming manner but where they subsequently went on to play an important role in these societies.  Surely we can now repay our debt and provide sanctuary or asylum for people encountering difficulties in their countries of origin.  It is at important times like Christmas that we must not forget people who are suffering isolation and loneliness because off flawed legislation and human rights abuses."ENDS


Sinn Féin Lisburn Councillor Sue Ramsey has expressed concern and warned nationalists and republicans to be vigilent after her home along with another in Twinbrook was attacked on Friday night in the latest home of a republican to be targeted in a ballbearing attack.

Cllr Ramsey said:

"In the past number of weeks the homes of a number of republicans have been targeted. These high velocity ball bearing guns that have also been fired at people walking in and around West Belfast are capable of causing serious injuring.

"The targeting of the homes in well over a dozen attacks in the past two weeks across West Belfast suggests that there is a degree of co-ordination and planning as well as specific knowledge. There is mounting suspicion that such attacks would not be possible with out the active assistance of those within the PSNI with access to such information.

"I would urge nationalists and republicans in West Belfast to be vigilent." ENDS


Commenting on the attack on three families in the Sandy Row area last night, South Belfast Sinn Féin Representative Alex Maskey said that the motivation behnd them was 'purely racist'.

Mr Maskey said:

" These are not the first racist attacks to take place in the Sandy Row area. Over recent times there has been a series of such attacks. There is a clear onus on the political leadership of unionism to make it very clear that they do not support racist attacks and that they support the right of ethnic minorities to live here in peace.

" In other areas, particularly in Craigavon, the comments of unionist politicians have been used by a variety of racist grouos to justify their activities.

" There is also a real need for proper support networks to be put in place to help families who fall victim to this sort of racist violence in the future." ENDS


Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams MP has described Michael McDowell's ongoing attacks on Sinn Féin as a blatant attempt to try and stop Sinn Féin implementing its agenda for change. He was speaking as the party published its accounts.

Mr. Adams said:

"Over the last week we have seen some quite disgraceful attacks on Sinn Féin by Michael McDowell. He has repeatedly abused his position as Minister of Justice to make unsubstantiated allegations against our party and has failed to produce even one scrap of evidence to back up his malicious claims.

"Recent remarks attributed to Minister McDowell include his claim that Sinn Féin has 'deep and ongoing links with criminality' that Sinn Féin is 'morally unclean' and that he believed that the party is being funded by the proceeds of crime.

"There is no substance to these allegations, whatsoever and they go beyond the normal cut and trust of acceptable political comment, not least because Michael McDowell is speaking in his capacity as Minister of Justice.

"He knows that Sinn Féin's accounts are all properly audited and adhere to all the guidelines set out in both the 6 and 26 Counties in relation to fund-raising and spending, and were recently confirmed as such by the Standards in Public Office Commission.

"Sinn Féin is not involved in politics for economic or personal gain. Indeed within our own party we operate on an egalitarian basis and all of our elected representatives - MPs, TDs and Assembly members - receive the same salary based on the average industrial wage. The rest of the money goes to the party and to our work in the peace process and the development of our constituency services.

"But it is quite clear that Minister McDowell's attacks are really about his concern about Sinn Féin's increased electoral support and our work in bringing about change in Irish society.

"I have no doubt that Minister McDowell will pay little heed to any request from me for him to put up or shut up. He is serving a political agenda, which has little affinity with republicanism or nationalism. But others in the government do represent republican and nationalist constituents who are appalled by Minister McDowell's behaviour.

"While I believe that Mr. McDowell's attacks on Sinn Féin will have as little impact now as they did in the early 1990s when he spoke out against the Hume Adams talks and the peace process I also believe that this crude posturing does reflect a worrying trend within the political establishment in the south.

"It is no accident that the recent Assembly elections saw all the southern parties campaigning against Sinn Féin. Minister McDowell's hysterical outbursts, which have been characteristic of the more rabid Conservative elements of the British political and military establishment over the last thirty years, are evidence of the panic among conservative parties here stunned by Sinn Féin's success.

"The reality is that the electorate in the Six Counties rejected them and mandated our party as the leading pro-agreement party and as the party best able to bring about change. Such a development is obviously a nightmare for Minister McDowell. His fear now is that the southern electorate will do likewise.

"It is time that Mr. McDowell behaved as a Minister of the Irish government instead of using his undoubtedly influential position for party political posturing. He needs to accept that Sinn Féin, as a growing political party on this island, is here to stay." ENDS


The Sinn Féin Spokesperson on Fisheries, Martin Ferris TD, has claimed that while parts of the deal agreed at Brussels today between EU fisheries Ministers must be welcomed, that looked at overall, it is flawed and short term and will not resolve the crisis facing Irish fishermen.

Deputy Ferris said: "While I welcome the 8% increase in the overall quota for 2004, this deal will not resolve the long-term crisis affecting Irish fishermen. The vast majority of fishermen will continue to work under stringent restrictions that are making it increasingly difficult for them to survive. It is unacceptable that a country like Ireland with so much of the EU fisheries must depend on these annual midnight bargains to earn a further stay of execution for the industry. And to make matters worse, we may be fully sure that the coming year will see further efforts to place new restrictions on the Irish fleet.

"My request to the Government on Wednesday that they use the Irish Presidency of the EU to negotiate a root and branch reform of the Common Fisheries Policy was dismissed. However, that is the only thing that will ever lead to a situation where we regain some kind of control over our fisheries and a rightful share of what lies within Irish waters." ENDS


Sinn Féin Dublin EU Candidate Mary Lou McDonald today expressed disappointment at the Irish government's plans for its Presidency of the European Union. She said that it was a minimalist approach based on maintaining EU business as usual rather than putting their own stamp on the Presidency.

Ms McDonald said:

"The Irish Presidency of the European Union is clearly going to be a tidying up exercise rather than using the opportunity to set out the Irish government‚s own agenda.

"The ongoing EU focus is on enlargement, the EU constitution, Lisbon Agenda and security matters and these are hugely important issues to be addressed but there was and remains an opportunity for the Irish government to also use the six months to set out a distinctly Dublin Agenda.

"The upcoming EU Presidency provides the Irish Government the opportunity to make a major impact on policies across a range of areas and sectors in Europe.

"Sinn Féin is calling on the government to use the Presidency to make the drive for social justice and poverty eradication the main focus of its Presidency and ultimately its legacy. I believe that the government should revisit their plans for the Presidency." ENDS


Prioritising Global Social Justice

• Initiate a Global Social Justice Agenda (Dublin Agenda)equivalent to the Lisbon Agenda whose priorities would include UN reform,fulfillment of the Millennium Development Goals including DevelopingCountry Debt Cancellation

•Initiate a process of Human Rights/Equality/PovertyProofing of all EU policies

Economic Sovereignty

•Seriously address the problems caused for particularMember States by the fact that some States are in and some are out of theeuro-zone.

•Address the need for a renegotiation of the Stabilityand Growth Pact in order to allow member states to deal effectively withthe specific problems facing their economies.

Implementing CAP Reform and supporting rural regeneration

•Ensure that the CAP reform proposal agreed atLuxembourg in June is fully implemented including full decoupling; andensure that the accession states enter the CAP on an equal basis.

•To establish a full range of complementary rural developmentprogrammes to aid farmers and rural communities in adapting to the changesbrought about by the CAP reform.

•Put complete reform of the Common Fisheries Policy onthe EU agenda

Protecting the Environment

•Campaign to make the EU a GM-Free Zone

•Reduction of emissions on an EU wide basis

Social Protection

•Campaign against the privatisation agenda of theEuropean Union in the Lisbon Agenda and for the defence of public services

•Push for the EU-wide upwards harmonisation of workersrights, including trade union recognition, workers health and safety andprotections for temporary and migrant workers.

•Push for further EU equal rights instruments includinga specific Gender Equality Directive and a Disability Directive whileprioritizing commitments to eradicate poverty and homelessness within theEU

Irish Language

•Ensure that Irish is recognised as an official andworking language of the EU.


Sinn Féin Spokespersons on Agriculture, Martin Ferris TD and Gerry McHugh, have welcomed the adoption by the European Parliament of a report on Genetically Modified food and crops. The report, which was written by German Green MEP Friedrich-Wilhelm Graefe zu Baringdorf, was adopted by the Parliament yesterday.

It proposes that the EU adopt much stricter guidelines on tolerance levels for GM and on potential contamination of conventional and organic crops. The report also supports the right of Member States to declare GM free zones.

Deputy Ferris and Councillor McHugh said: "While Sinn Féin remains convinced that the island of Ireland ought to be made GM free, we welcome this report as a significant advance on the proposals put by the Commission. We particularly support the idea that states ought to be able to designate GM free zones, and we will continue to argue that the island of Ireland as a whole should be declared as such.

"It is also right that the liability for any contamination of non-GM crops be placed firmly on the GM producers themselves. In a Dáil reply this week, the Irish Government has again stated that it will support the introduction of GM products when this comes back for decision after Christmas. We believe that this is a mistake and will continue to call for a reversal of the decision and for the exclusion of GM products from the North of Ireland." ENDS

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