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Sinn Féin President elect Mary Lou McDonald TD gives her first major speech to party activists


Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams will be joined by all the Sinn Féin election candidates for a formal launch in Belfast Castle at 12 noon tomorrow, Friday November 14th.


Former Minister for Health, Social Services and Public Safety Bairbre de Brún and former Education Minister Martin McGuinness speaking in Belfast today said "After this election it is our belief that we will be in a position to achieve either the first or deputy first minister, in addition to this we want to continue the work that we started in Education and Health and will be seeking these Departments once again in the new Assembly. "

Ms. De Brún said

After the last Assembly elections Sinn Féin took a decision to seek those Ministerial positions that most directly impacted on people's lives. We chose to nominate our two Ministers for the portfolios of Education and Health.

These are the two departments that most directly affect every man, woman and child.

These two departments suffered through decades of British Direct Rule, under funding and neglect. Sinn Féin took a conscious decision to tackle this. We decided to use our mandate to bring about real change.

Other parties did not see Education and Health as priorities. We did. This remains the case.

As Ministers we invested considerable resources in school buildings and hospital services. Facilities starved of investment for decades were replaced and upgraded.

I prioritised cancer and cardiac care, the provision of children's services and the ending of inequalities in health. Martin took the decision to end the 11 plus, protect small rural schools and invest in integrated and Irish language schools. We increased the level of all-Ireland co-operation in Education and Health and delivered real benefits to people on the ground.

Mr McGuinness added:

" As Bairbre has said over the past three years we have made progress in reversing the years of decline, under investment and Direct Rule. We are now eager to finish the job.

After this election we will once again seek to take on the challenge of both Education and Health. They remain our priority.

In education Sinn Féin will work for:

  • An all-Ireland approach to educational provision;
  • A significant increase in funding for education;
  • The ending of the academic rejection of 11 year old children;
  • Prioritise children with special education needs.

In health we will work for:

  • An all-Ireland approach to health provision;
  • A renewed focus on preventative healthcare.;
  • Increased resources for health and social services;
  • Extension of the range and quality of healthcare.

We have made great progress in recent years and for this to continue we are asking people to endorse and validate our work in this election." ENDS


Responding to an appeal by Seamus Mallon for unionists to support his party, South Belfast Sinn Féin Representative Alex Maskey said that the comments 'were an acknowledgement by the SDLP that Sinn Féin has the support of the majority of nationalists in this election'.

Cllr. Maskey said:

" Sinn Féin's position is to ask for votes for Sinn Féin candidates and beyond that for people to transfer to other pro-Agreement candidates in order of their own preference.

" A number weeks ago in advance of the election, Gerry Adams proposed a pro-Agreement transfer pact to Mark Durkan. The SDLP rejected this.

" The SDLP's appeal today for unionists to vote for them is not as alleged about protecting the Good Friday Agreement. It is about protecting the SDLP and is a further sign of a party in crisis.

" The SDLP position is an acknowledgement that Sinn Féin has the support of the majority of nationalists in this election." ENDS


Sinn Féin former Education Minister Martin McGuinness and former Health Minister Bairbre de Brún will hold a press conference at 11am tomorrow, Thursday, in the Culturlann on the Falls Road in Belfast.


Speaking from Queen's University where he and Alex Maskey met with students, Sinn Féin Chairperson Mitchel McLaughlin has said the SDLP Minister Carmel Hanna 'failed to deliver for our third level students'.

Mr. McLaughlin said:

"The SDLP have a paper policy position calling for the scrapping of student fees and the reintroduction of a maintenance grant. Yet despite holding the ministerial brief with Sean Farren and Carmel Hanna the reality is that we still have student fees and there is still no maintenance grant. Instead we have more loans, more debt and still no mechanism for widening access to third level education particularly for students from poorer backgrounds.

"There was an opportunity to close the door of student fees instead the SDLP have left the door wide open and there is a very real danger that even more students will priced out of the opportunity of studying at university. The SDLP failed our students when they had the chance to do something, It is therefore somewhat ironic that having failed our students once that they are claiming that they will now end student fees if the electorate give them the opportunity." ENDS


Responding to the British Secretary of State's issuing of a consultation document on the priorities and budget for government from 2004-2007, Sinn Féin Cllr Francie Molloy stated:

"To issue a draft programme for government and to expect consultation on it to be completed just two days after the election is nothing less than a denial of democracy. What right do the British have to slip this blueprint for government through under the cover of an election campaign? What right do they have to set the agenda for the new Assembly before that Assembly has even been elected?

"It is the business of locally elected representatives to decide what their priorities will be for the next three years. It is not the business of the Secretary of State to decide those priorities for them.

"I call on the British government to withdraw immediately this consultation document until after the elections." ENDS


Gerry Kelly has welcomed the visit to Belfast and Derry this week of a delegation being led by New York State Comptroller Alan Hevesi who is here to take assessments from a range of political parties, government agencies responsible for investment, the Equality and Human Rights Commissions, NGO's and community sectors regarding how equality and fairness is being progressed.

Speaking after the meeting with Alan Hevesi in North Belfast Gerry Kelly said:

"Obviously I am delighted to welcome Alan Hevesi and his delegation to North Belfast to discuss both the political situation and the growing disparities and inequalities that continue to affect communities despite the range of government policies supposedly focussed on tackling the gap between the rich and the poor.

"Clearly as some S15 billion of New York State and New York city pension fund money is invested in US companies here on the basis that they must comply with fair employment practices and the MacBride principles, Mr Hevesi evidently has a vested interest in establishing whether or not equality and fairness is being progressed in the workplace in general and society overall.

"Mr Hevesi recently expressed concerns that the approach of the Human Rights commission could potentially undermine fair employment monitoring provisions. Sinn Féin have expressed similar concerns and have raised these with the Human Rights Commission and the Council of Europe experts who recently visited Belfast. It is our view that any interference with, refinement of or redefinition of these protections is unacceptable in a society where clearly disparity in the overall workforce still prevails. Existing employment protections should be strengthened not diluted. We will explore this and a range of other matters with Mr Hevesi with a view to continuing this dialogue on an ongoing basis." ENDS


Speaking  in  the  Dáil  today,  Sinn Féin's spokesperson on the Environment and Local  Government  Arthur  Morgan  TD  raised  the  issue  of  underfunded local government and the large levies imposed on home-buyers.

Deputy Morgan said:

"It  is  essential  now  that the Government address the serious underfunding of local  government  which  has resulted in local authorities imposing substantial levies  on  already  stretched  first-time  home  buyers  while doing nothing to address  the  serious  problem which exists in the state in relation to inflated land prices as a result of decades of unhindered land speculation.

"These  levies  will cause a further escalation in house prices across the state and  will  force  ever-increasing  numbers of people out of the house market and onto  social housing waiting lists while increasing the hardship for those young couples who were already hit by the removal of the first time buyers grant. This  housing situation, as we all know, has reached crisis point already and it is  a  matter  of  serious  public  concern  if  the  local  authorities are not adequately funded". ENDS


Speaking  during a debate on the deployment of Irish troops to Liberia Sinn Féin spokesperson  on  International Affairs and Defence, Aengus Ó Snodaigh, said the motion  to  send  the  troops  was  "in  keeping  with Sinn Féin's commitment to positive  neutrality  in  action".  He also called for the UN to be reformed and strengthened.  Deputy Ó Snodaigh said:

"The  Government  originally  planned  to take this motion without debate.  I am glad  they have since recognised that any decision to deploy Irish troops in the service  of  international peace deserves proper time for both debate and solemn reflection  in  the  House.  We have the duty not to take such decisions lightly and not to play toy soldiers with the lives of our citizens.

"I  welcomed  the  establishment  in September of the UN Peacekeeping Mission in Liberia.   I  understand  that  its role is to monitor compliance with the Accra Peace  Accord  signed  by Liberian Government, Movement for Democracy in Liberia and  Liberians  United  for Reconciliation and Democracy in August of this year, and  to  support  the Liberian Peace Process which has the potential to end more than  15  years  of  continuous conflict in Liberia and contribute positively to stabilisation of the region.

"In  Liberia  the  Irish  Defence  Forces  will  be  serving  as  UN troops with olleagues  from  Nigeria, Kenya and Bangladesh, and under West African command. Since  UNMIL  was  deployed  on  October  1 good progress has been made.  It has already  succeeded  in  establishing  a National Transitional Government and the disarmament  process  has also begun: the capital Monrovia is now a weapons-free zone.  This initial progress is welcome, and I hope it will continue apace. "In  keeping  with Sinn Féin's commitment to positive neutrality in action, Sinn Féin supports this motion and Irish participation in the UN-led force UNMIL.  We take  this  position  having  full  regard  to  the  available  facts and to the potential  dangers  to  the  people  who  will make up the Irish contingent.  On behalf  of  my  party  I would express our appreciation to the men and women who will  be  representing  Ireland  by  serving  in  Liberia.   It  is a worthwhile endeavour  in  which  they  have  the  full  support of the Irish people.  It is intended  that the troops depart for Monrovia very soon, on November 19.  I wish these  volunteers every success in their mission, and that each one of them will return safely home to this island.

One  thing that sets this peacekeeping mission apart from many others at present and what further commends it for our support is the very fact of it being UN-led, not  merely  UN-mandated  or  UN-authorised,  but  UN-led.  Such a mission is increasingly  rare  and  worthy of strong support in principle.  Sinn Féin would prefer  to  see  a situation where the UN is reformed and strengthened and given the support it deserves so that so-called outsourcing of peacekeeping operations to regional military alliances such as the EU Rapid Reaction Force and NATO will end.

"Sinn Féin remains committed to this vision. We all must redouble our efforts to make  the  UN system work in the way it was intended, and not accept its gradual sidelining  and  marginalisation  in  favour  of less inclusive and more elitist multilateral  organisations  such  as  the  EU  or  NATO.   The UN must have the capacity  to  play  a  more  vigorous  role  - particularly in the prevention of genocide,  which  is  really  the  ultimate  duty of the international community acting  as one.  But the UN is suffering the death of a thousand cuts.  The fact that  the  UN  is  so  often  now  prevented  from  taking  up its rightful role represents   a   totally   unacceptable   situation  about  which  many  in  the international  community  -  including  the  Irish Government and others in this House  -  have  grown complacent.  The progressive marginalisation of the UN has surely  fed the resurgent unilateralism that so appals us in the Iraq case.  Let all of us also commit to heed the call of the UN Secretary General and help lead the  campaign for UN reform and capacity-building, a campaign that has been far too long in coming." ENDS


Speaking at Sinn Féin's press conference on the All-Ireland agenda, Sinn Féin Dáil leader Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin said:

A key demand in Sinn Féin's all-Ireland agenda is representation in the Dáil for citizens in the Six Counties, pending the establishment of a national parliament representing the 32 Counties.

At the time of the Good Friday Agreement the Taoiseach asked the All-Party Oireachtas Committee on the Constitution to consider how the people of the Six Counties might play a "more active role in national political life". It took the Committee from 1998 to last year to report on the issue. The All-Party Committee made a range of findings and recommendations and while they do not go as far as we would like, they provide a basis for progress.

In the Dáil I have repeatedly called on the Taoiseach to act since 1998, and since last year's General Election when I was joined by my four Sinn Féin TD colleagues. The time for action is now and it is long overdue. The Taoiseach has said that he agrees with the Committee's recommendation that representatives should have the right to speak in the Dáil. That was welcome but we need a pro-active engagement by the Taoiseach to make this happen.

Most recently in the Dáil the Taoiseach linked the delay in implementing Six-County representation to the absence of the Assembly. There will be no such excuse after 26 November.

Sinn Féin is seeking:

  • Right of attendance at the Dáil for the 18 Westminster MPs elected in the Six Counties.
  • Reform of the Seanad to include election by a national list system with people in the Six Counties having the right to vote.
  • The right to vote in Presidential elections for citizens in the Six Counties.


Sinn Féin Vice President Pat Doherty MP speaking in Belfast today with party colleagues Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin TD, Martin Ferris TD, Armagh Mayor Pat O' Rawe and Ard Chomhairle member Mary Lou McDonald said: "Sinn Féin has made significant progress in advancing the all-Ireland agenda. Today we are setting out our ten point plan for Irish Unity. All-Ireland approaches and institutions are now universally accepted, even by the DUP. That in itself is significant progress. Sinn Féin intends to build on this through our Ten Point Plan for Irish Unity."

Mr. Doherty said:

"No one can doubt that the all-Ireland political institutions exist because of the tenacity, determination and the substantial growth in support for Sinn Féin.

"Sinn Féin is now the third largest party on the island and the largest nationalist party in the north

"Our political strength, our political representation across the island, and our clear focus on Irish Unity secured the establishment of the All-Ireland Ministerial Council and the all-Ireland institutional architecture of the Good Friday Agreement

"We have a roadmap for Irish Unity and the Ten Point Plan we are setting out today will take the United Ireland agenda decisively forward after this election."ENDS

Sinn Féin 10 Point Plan for Irish Unity

Sinn Féin is setting the All-Ireland agenda and preparing for Irish Unity through:

  • A Green Paper for Irish Unity in the Dáil
  • Attendance in the Dáil for the 18 Westminster MPs
  • Northern representation in the Seanad
  • Votes for citizens in the six counties in Presidential elections
  • Building the work of the All-Ireland Ministerial Council
  • An All-Ireland Consultative Forum
  • An All-Ireland Charter of Rights
  • Integrated services and infrastructure along the border
  • Increased action, co-operation and harmonisation in Heath, Education and other key departments
  • Extension of the Irish passport scheme across the six counties


Sinn  Féin spokesperson on Justice, Equality and Human Rights, Aengus Ó Snodaigh TD, has criticised the Minister for Justice's plans for restructuring the prison service,  saying they "fall far short of the comprehensive and systematic reform needed  to  stop  the  overspend  and to bring Irish prisons into line with best practice."  Speaking in the Dáil today Deputy Ó Snodaigh said:

"From  a  public  interest  point of view, it makes no sense to close one of the least  expensive,  and one of the most effective prisons in the state.  It makes no  sense  to  privatise  the prisoner escort service contrary to a Departmental Expert  Group's  recommendations.  We  don't  know how to interpret his plans to temporarily  transfer  the  management  of  two open prisons 'outside the Prison Service'.   The  Minister must have a plan beyond this, and we have the right to know.   If  it  is  a  stepping-stone  to  privatisation  or to semi-private PPP institutions, he must at least explain publicly why he would consider this move, which  does  not  conform  with  international best practice models for a prison service.

"From  what  we know of them, the Minister's plans do not tackle the fundamental and  underlying  structural  problems  of over-incarceration for non-violent and minor  offences  and  excessively high prisoner-staff ratios - both of which are imposing unreasonable costs to the state.  They do not address the need to close several other prisons for health and safety reasons as recommended by the Prison Inspectorate.   They  would  not  appear  to  increase  rehabilitative and other services  to reduce recidivism, and as recommended by the European Committee for the  Prevention  of  Torture.   Mr.  McDowell needs to explain the basis for his apparently  chaotic  and reactionary plans, which would seem to bear no relation whatsoever to expert opinion or evidence.

"The reality is there is a pressing need for comprehensive and systematic reform of  the  prison  service  based  on  best  international  practice, not unproven rightwing ideology.  The Minister should go back to the drawing board." ENDS


Sinn Féin representative for north Belfast, Gerry Kelly, has slammed the Greater Shankill's Community Council's report as stale and that it offers nothing new. Speaking today Mr Kelly said that the GSCC needed to pursue dialogue as the only way forward and not get caught up in dinosaur politics.

Speaking today Mr Kelly said:

"This report, published by the Greater Shankill Community Centre, is stale and offers nothing progressive or new. It is quite clear that the GSCC are lashing out at all others except the Orange Order and their supporters who continue to refuse to talk to local residents.

"What we see is the report making wild assertions about the residents protest, people taking part in the protest and even the Independent International Observers. It uses the language of the political dinosaurs such as DUP and the UDA.

"I have to say if those from the Greater Shankill Community Council are genuinely interested in identifying a way forward then dialogue between the relevant parties must be seriously considered and placed within this document.

"It is only through dialogue between the Orange Order and the local nationalist community that a lasting and satisfactory resolution to this problem can be achieved." ENDS


Sinn Féin candidate Mary Nelis has welcomed the fact that the SDLP have now adopted the Sinn Féin position on decentralisation.

"In the Assembly I proposed that Governmental Departments and Civil Service jobs be decentralised to towns and cities across the Six Counties. This however failed due to lack of support from other parties including the SDLP. I also had a motion passed through Derry City Council on the issue of decentralisation when I served on the Council.

Now that the SDLP have realised that this is an initiative worth pursuing I hope that when the Assembly is reconstituted that we can rely on the SDLP and the other parties to support us in our efforts to make decentralisation a reality - not just an electioneering ploy. After all, Mark Durkan, first as Minister of Finance and then as Deputy First Minister had the opportunity to initiate a policy of decentralisation of Departments but failed to do so."ENDS


Sinn Féin North Belfast representative, Kathy Stanton, has slammed today's pipe bomb attack on a Holy Cross parent. The attack on the home at Kerrara Street targeted of a mother of two children who attend Holy Cross Girls Primary School.

Speaking today Ms Stanton said:

"This attack is completely unjustifiable. The RHD, who have claimed the attack, is simply a cover name for the UDA. They have stated that they were specifically targeting a spokesperson for the Holy Cross Parents. This is a fallacy. What they have done is to select the most vulnerable target and attack a mother and her children in their home.

"What we see here is a continuation of the loyalist campaign against nationalists in North Belfast and as such I would urge nationalists to be vigilant in the coming weeks.

"The UDA is a group that are not on ceasefire and who have been responsible for countless sectarian gun and bomb attacks against nationalists over the past two and a half years. In the run up to an election they may try to flex their muscle, especially in north Belfast, and use intimidation instead of politics." ENDS


Upper Bann Sinn Féin Representative Dr. Dara O'Hagan has welcomed the publication of the Disability Rights Manifesto. The manifesto was produced by Disability Action in association with NIPSA.

Speaking at the launch in Belfast Dr. O'Hagan said:

" It is important that the voices of disabled people are heard, particularly during an election campaign. The publication of this manifesto today provides a template for all of the political parties, and more importantly for the newly elected Assembly and Executive."ENDS


Sinn Féin Vice President Pat Doherty MP will be joined by party colleagues Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin TD and Martin Ferris TD at a press conference in Belfast tomorrow morning.

They will set out Sinn Féin's all-Ireland agenda and outline our priorities for the incoming Assembly as we continue to prepare for Irish Unity.

The press conference will take place at 11am in the Cultarlann, Falls Road, Belfast.


Speaking at a press conference today before a debate in the Dáil later on a Bill which  would  enshrined  the  right  to  housing  in  the Constitution, Sinn Féin spokesperson on the Environment and Local Government Arthur Morgan TD said:

"Adequate  housing  is  universally viewed as one of the most basic human needs. Sinn  Féin believes that housing is a fundamental right, which must be enshrined in  the  Constitution  and  that is why we are launching this campaign today and bringing  a  constitutional  amendment  Bill  before  the  Dáil.   It is totally unacceptable  that  people  are  living in this State without access to adequate housing.

"The  Fianna Fail/PD coalition government has consistently failed to address the housing  crisis,  which has become progressively worse during the six years that this  coalition  has  been in power.  Under the stewardship of Martin Cullen and his  sidekick  Noel Ahern, housing has slipped off the Government agenda. All we get  from  the  Government these days are denials from Noel Ahern that there are hundreds  of  people  sleeping  rough on Dublin streets, insinuations that those seeking  disabled  housing  grants are less than genuine and claims that housing affordability  has  been  helped  by  the now passed economic boom.  There is no recognition or acknowledgment from the Government of the crisis that affects, in one aspect or another, every family in the 26 counties.

"Sinn  Féin  believes  that  the  current absence of such a right to housing has resulted  in  a  relatively  weak  commitment  from  government and officials in addressing  the  housing  issue  and the increasing levels of homelessness.  The absence of such a constitutional protection for the right to housing has allowed the  government to get away with not acting in the interests of the homeless and others affected by the housing crisis.

"The  tabling  of  this  Constitutional  amendment  Bill  represents  the  first initiative in Sinn Féin's campaign to force the government to address this issue for  which  there  is widespread support ? for example:  A survey carried out on

behalf of the Simon Community proper to the 2002 General election found that 71% of  those  surveyed  support  the  inclusion  of  a  right  to  housing  in  the constitution.  Focus Ireland will also be launching their campaign on the "Right to a Home" this coming Thursday (13th).

"Sinn  Féin  rejects the Government's arguments that the inclusion of social and economic  rights  in  the Constitution is undemocratic.  We reject the assertion that  social  and  economic  policies are the sole prerogative of democratically elected and accountable politicians.

"The  Constitution  must  be  updated  to  include  what are now internationally recognised social and political rights.

"Sinn  Féin  believes that a rights-based approach ensures that a basic standard with respect to housing provision will be upheld and that the voiceless and most marginalized within our society will not be penalised by their lack of political strength or representation.

"A  constitutional  right  to  housing  would oblige statutory bodies to provide adequate and appropriate housing for all of the people of this State.

"Sinn  Féin  is  confident  that  an overwhelming majority of the people of this State  would  support  the  enshrinement  of  the  right  to housing in the 1937 Constitution.    We  hope  the  Government  will  accept  the  Bill  and  that a referendum  on  the  issue  will be brought before the people at an early date."ENDS


Sinn Féin Chief Negotiator Martin McGuinness MP speaking at a press conference in Belfast this morning said: "Sinn Féin has taken real risks for peace. We did so because we have a strategy to bring about a lasting peace. Central to this strategy is the intense dialogue with unionists. Although in an embryonic stage it has already delivered progress and we intend to build on it following the elections." Mr. McGuinness was accompanied by Conor Murphy, Michelle Gildernew MP, Cora Groogan and Philip McGuigan.

Mr McGuinness said:

"A lot has been achieved not just in the last five years but over the last decade and the Ireland we live in today is a very different place. Ten years ago there was a conflict that many said could not be resolved. We believed differently. We set about our peace strategy and worked day and night to develop the Irish Peace Process.

"The result of this effort is to be seen in every town and village in Ireland, not least in interface areas across the north this summer.

"The peace on our streets this summer happened because republicans and unionists worked together to make it happen.

"Dialogue and engagement delivered real benefits at the interface areas. At a wider level the dialogue between Sinn Féin and the UUP is the basis for future progress.

"We have made progress. We need to build upon this after the election.

"We are asking the electorate to join with us and endorse this work. We are asking them to support us in the forthcoming elections so that we can go into the negotiations stronger and bring about the type of lasting change which can be delivered through the full implementation of the Good Friday Agreement."ENDS


Upper Bann Sinn Féin Representative Dr. Dara O'Hagan has demanded that the British Security Minister Jane Kennedy remove RIR man Jonathan Russell from the ranks of the RIR. Dr. O'Hagan's comments came after he was convicted of causing a disturbance at Drumcree last year.

Dr. O'Hagan said:

" Today RIR member Jonathan Russell was convicted of a violent offence committed at Drumcree last year. Yet we can only presume that he will be rearmed and placed back onto nationalist streets by his RIR regiment.

" It is not surprising given its history that the RIR contains individuals who would be involved in violent loyalist protests. However this does not make this any more acceptable. Jane Kennedy has a duty to disarm this loyalist and remove him from the ranks of the British Army.

" However, given the British governments failure to remove the murderers of Peter McBride from their army's ranks, people in Upper Bann will not be confident that she will dot he decent thing in this case either." ENDS

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