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Sinn Féin budget supports fair and sustainable recovery - Pearse Doherty

Sinn Fein’s Finance Spokesperson Pearse Doherty TD has said Sinn Fein’s alternative Budget would repair communities, rebuild the economy and renew society. The budget lays out how Sinn Fein would abolish the local property tax and water charges and our programme for investing in disability services, health and education.

Download Sinn Féin's Alternative Budget 2015 here

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Sinn Féin MEP Martina Anderson has welcomed Britain's recognition of the state of Palestine. 

Speaking after the vote in Westminster, the newly elected chair of the European Parliament's delegation to Palestine said; 

"This latest recognition of the state of Palestine is to be welcomed. 

"The international community has an important role to play, both in terms of supporting the Palestinian people, and in helping to find a long-term peaceful solution to the problems in the region. 

"The number of countries recognising the right of the Palestinian people to statehood adds to the growing demands on Israel to recognise the democratically elected unity government in Palestine. 

"As chair of the European Parliament's delegation to Palestine I will continue to support the people of Palestine. 

"I would call on other governments, particularly the Irish government to follow this example and recognise Palestine."


Sinn Féin MEP Matt Carthy has said: "The only way to get the economies back up and running is to combine public investment with the protection of wages and other incomes.

Carthy made the statement after voting against a report on the implementation of the 2014 priorities for the European Semester for economic policy coordination today.

Speaking after the vote in the European Parliament's Economic and Monetary Affairs committee, Carthy stated:

"Over the past few years, the economies on the periphery of the Eurozone have been subjected to a disastrous economic policy, which has resulted in escalating levels of public debt and unemployment. This policy has failed to achieve all relevant objectives and we still haven’t seen any kind of change in the Commission's recommendations for member states, which are only based on pursuing a fanatical neoliberal agenda rather than on any kind of serious assessment of the results austerity has produced.

"In Ireland we have seen the devastating results of the Governments dogmatic obsession with austerity policy. Entire rural communities have been left desolate, with no employment opportunities for the young resulting in a mass exodus of Irelands youth from towns and villages to Australia, Canada and the UK.

"Growth-friendly fiscal adjustment is only a new slogan for the same failed recipe. To achieve any kind of sustainable fiscal adjustment, the sole priority should be to achieve full employment. This will need an active fiscal policy, even if it means sacrificing the insane fiscal objectives set by the fiscal compact.

"The Commission's policy recommendations add insult to injury. In peripheral countries such as Ireland, which are swamped in unemployment and precariousness, the Commission insists on contradictory fiscal policy and labour market deregulation. The failure of austerity policies and the ineffectiveness of the current monetary policy is obvious. The only way to get the economies back up and running is to combine public investment with the protection of wages and other incomes."



Sinn Féin activists in North Antrim have chosen Daithí McKay MLA to contest next year's Westminster election.

Speaking at the party's election convention held in Dunloy, he said; 

"First and foremost our thoughts should be with the workers of Gallagher's and their families given the recent announcement by JTI that they will be closing the local factory here in North Antrim.

"Manufacturing is a key industry for North Antrim and these are some of the most highly skilled workers that we have in the sector. An immediate priority must be to create opportunities for as many of those workers as possible through retraining and/or placement and I have spoken to some within the manufacturing sector here who want to avail of the skillsets that many of these workers have.

"Politicians locally need to avoid bickering and focus on solutions for this workforce that involve existing indigenous businesses and attracting Foreign and Direct Investment.

"Sinn Féin provides a progressive voice for North Antrim whereas others do not. We are on constituents doors engaging with communities constantly about bread and butter issues that affect rural and urban communities alike.

"In North Antrim we have helped secure major capital works for local schools. We have delivered over £2million to community groups through Carrier Bag Levy legislation whilst delivering environmental benefits. We believe in the value of community and volunteerism and that is why we're bringing forward legislation to abolish rates for amateur sports clubs. 

"We support the development of our tourism product and we are opposed to any proposals for fracking that would undermine the unique offering that we have on the north coast. 

"Sinn Féin believe in self government and a single island economy is clearly the only way we can improve upon the economic underperformance that other parties believe is something to celebrate. Westminster are not acting in our best interests through making decisions on taxation or indeed welfare. A vote for Sinn Féin in this election will be a vote for change as the status quo is clearly not good enough for our constituents and our communities."


Sinn Féin MEP Martina Anderson has called on the Irish government to follow the example of Sweden in giving full recognition to the state of Palestine. 

Martina Anderson said the international community has a responsibility to help the people of Palestine. Speaking after being elected as chairperson of the European Parliament's delegation to Palestine, Ms Anderson said; 

"It is an honour to have been elected as chairperson of the EU's delegation to Palestine and I will use the position to work everyday to improve the lives of the Palestinian people. 

"From our experience in the peace process, we know the importance of dialogue and inclusivity and I will bring that experience to this position. 

"I welcome the fact that the Palestinian unity government held its first meeting in Gaza last week. That sends a clear message to the world and I am encouraging the international community to recognise that. 

"In particular, I am calling on the Irish government to follow the example of Sweden in giving full recognition to the state of Palestine. 

"The international community, and the European Union in particular, has a responsibility to act to end the suffering of the Palestinian people and help find a sustainable solution to the problems in region. 

"I am calling for the European Union to implement the recommendations of the Russell Tribunal, which held a hearing on Palestine in Brussels recently. 

"The Israel-EU Association Agreement should be suspended immediately because of the human rights abuses carried out by Israel. The EU-Israeli scientific agreement must also be suspended. 

"I look forward to working with the chair of the EU's delegation to Israel. Clearly we have differing views but we need to find a way to work together as MEPs to find common ground."


Sinn Féin MLA and Chief Whip Caitriona Ruane has said that the failure to elect a speaker to the Assembly rests solely with the DUP reneging on a deal done in 2011 which would have seen Mitchel McLaughlin elected.

 Ms. Ruane said,

 “In 2011 during the election of William Hay as speaker it was agreed that Sinn Féin would assume the post in May 2014.  The DUP endorsed this deal and this is a matter of public record.

 “The refusal today to honour that deal by refusing to back Mitchel McLaughlin raises serious questions about DUP sincerity in any negotiations process.

 “Sinn Féin as the largest Nationalist party is entitled to the speaker role and as such we were not prepared to vote for any other candidate as to do so would be to accept DUP bad faith and to acquiesce to their anti-equality agenda.

 “These institutions were set up on the premise of power sharing and the latest decision by the DUP to pull out of this deal highlights that they are still not up to the task of sharing power.”


Following her appointment as author of the "European Citizens' Initiative Right to Water" report, Sinn Féin MEP Lynn Boylan has promised to make fellow MEPs and the European Commission aware of Saturday’s protest march in Dublin and to make note of it in her report.

Speaking in Brussels Dublin’s MEP said:

"Now that I have settled into my role as author of the Right to Water report I am aware that part of my role involves consulting with those who will be directly affected by the report.

"I was in Dublin on Saturday to take part in the Right to Water protest march and to see 100,000 people from all parts of Ireland come together to seek a reversal of the water charges was inspiring. Europe must be made aware of these people’s voices through my Right to Water report.

“I can promise those who took part in Saturday’s march that I will be bringing their message back to Europe. The European Commission has already received the European Citizens Initiative on the Right to Water, which contained 2 million signatures, and I will now ensure that the Commission is made aware of the massive crowds protesting in Dublin.

“People’s voices for the Right to Water are growing louder and louder throughout Europe. Ireland is now centre stage after Saturday’s protest. We must continue to ensure we remain centre stage and challenge the water charges which were born out of the austerity programme enforced on us from Europe with the compliance of consecutive Irish governments.”


Sinn Féin Leader Gerry Adams TD has said reports that the Government is set to reduce Water Charges in the Budget following a collapse in support for Government parties in the recent by-elections and a major protest in Dublin, will not assuage public anger.

Gerry Adams said;

“Fine Gael and Labour took a wallop in Thursday's by-elections while thousands took to the streets on Saturday demanding the immediate scrapping of Water Charges.

“That is the backdrop to the latest media briefings by Government sources about reducing Water Charge bills.

“However the Government has been given a very clear message - it must end the imposition of domestic Water Charges completely.

“Sinn Féin has shown how water charges can be scrapped with a neutral budget. Politics is about choices. If Sinn Féin were in government we would abolish water charges and the property tax.

“The Government’s policies have been rejected. It has lost its mandate. It needs to introduce a budget that gives a break to struggling families and hard-pressed citizens.

“The first item on the agenda should be the scrapping of water charges. Alternatively the government should put its policies to the people in a General Election.”



Sinn Féin Leader Gerry Adams TD has said he agrees with the 1916 Relatives Association which has said the Government's plans for the commemoration celebrations are in shambles.

The association has not been able to get a meeting with the new Minister for Arts Heather Humphreys to discuss its plans.

Mr Adams says that this is because the Government has no plans.

The Sinn Féin Leader said:

"As yet, no plan, no proposal and no programme of events, outlining how, where or what the Government intends to organise to mark this event has been published. This should be a cause for concern.

"Indeed, the only idea mooted by senior members of the Cabinet so far has been to invite members of the English royal family to whatever ceremony eventually takes place.

"The significance of this anniversary and the fact that no plan has emerged is an indictment of the Fine Gael/Labour Government's approach.

"The Government's amnesia about this country's revolutionary period betrays a lack of confidence in the Government's own political position regarding these events and how the ideals of 1916 remain unfulfilled.

"It is not too late for the Government to get its act together on this issue. I believe it needs a hands-on intervention from An Taoiseach."


Sinn Féin MLA Gerry Kelly said the PSNI must do more to tackle the scourge of racist attacks in North Belfast. The North Belfast MLA was speaking after a gang carried out a number of racist attacks on homes in the Woodvale area in the early hours of this morning.

Gerry Kelly said:

“There is clearly an organised campaign of racist intimidation going on in the Woodvale area.

“This is the latest in a series of racist attacks in Woodvale. Last month a 16-year-old boy was beaten on a bus in a racist attack and a home belonging to a Hungarian family was attacked a week later.

“These attacks on people who have made homes for themselves and their families here are appalling. They are a clear attempt to intimidate families from their homes.

“I’m calling on the PSNI to do more to tackle the gangs involved in these attacks. It’s important that the police also get the full backing of unionist and loyalist politicians and community leaders in bringing these attacks to an end.

“People in the local community should stand shoulder to shoulder with the families who are victims of the racist bigots. And I urge them to bring forward any information to the police to end this cycle of intimidation and racial hatred.”


Adams proposes all-island process to deal with issue of abuse