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Adams dismay as Kenny again rejects European Debt Conference

"The financial and economic crisis in this State was caused by a small, unrepresentative, wealthy elite. €62 billion in bank loans were in the hands of just 190 borrowers. 50% of the Irish loan book of Anglo Irish bank was held by just 20 individuals.  Ordinary citizens cannot understand the Taoiseach’s refusal to pursue options that could make our debt sustainable and fair." – Adams

I have been made aware of a warning put through my constituency office that stated that there is a bomb planted outside of my home. The cowards behind the threat and their accompanying actions are beyond contempt.

An increased role for pharmacists is essential for the future of Irish healthcare. The western world needs radical change in the way it deals with health care provision. We currently see up to 1 in 7 attendances at GPs and 1 in 12 at Emergency Departments that could and should be dealt with by pharmacists.

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Sinn Féin spokesperson for the Diaspora, Senator Trevor Ó Clochartaigh has called on the Irish Government to do more to tackle inequalities being experienced by the Irish abroad.

Speaking after a meeting with Dr. Mary Tilki, Chair, and Jennie McShannon, CEO, of ‘Irish in Britain’ emigrants representative organisation, Ó Clochartaigh saID:

“Our emigrants are facing significant challenges which must be addressed.

“These were highlighted to me today by the ‘Irish in Britain’ organisation. They relate to health needs, people encountering cultural barriers as well as providing support to both new and older Irish emigrants and their social, health and economic issues.

“The voices of emigrants need to be heard more clearly in the Irish political institutions. The voting rights of the diaspora and representation in the Dáil & Seanad are key issues for them which must be addressed in a meaningful way.

“We also need to address challenges to Irish emigrants who wish to return home, particularly in relation to social welfare, housing and employment rights. We also need to support our people seeking to work in Britain and other countries so that practical issues around qualifications and working permits can be resolved.

“We must  ensure as well that organisations like ‘Irish in Britain’, which are providing vital support for our citizens abroad, are given the resources they need to be able to continue providing and developing the vital services they deliver.”


Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin T.D., Sinn Féin Spokesperson on Health, has today commented on revelations published by RTE regarding the practice of ‘tandem burials’, whereby deceased infants were placed in the coffins of unconnected deceased adults.

“This is yet another distressful revelation that will cause considerable upset, especially for mothers who have lost children in birth or who had still births back in the pre-1980’s and into the early years of that decade.

“While I accept that those responsible meant no harm by their actions, their actions were nonetheless inappropriate and likely offensive to both the family of the dead infant and the family of the deceased adult.

“I believe it is important that the HSE now establish the full extent of this practice and report to the Minister for Health who should then advise if further steps are necessary.”


Sinn Féin MLA Rosie McCorley has welcomed the announcement that Irish language speakers will now be able to use Google's email services as Gaeilge. 

The Irish language spokesperson said; 

"This move by Google in making its email services available in the Irish language is to be welcomed. 

"It is another step forward for the Irish language community, not just in Ireland but across the world, and is evidence of the continued growth and popularity of Irish. 

"The fact that a major global company like Google with more than 435 million users worldwide has recognised the rights of Irish language speakers shows the international status of the language. 

"Sadly, that has not been reflected closer to home where we have seen repeated attacks on Irish and Irish speakers. 

"Hopefully other companies will follow the example of Google and provide more services through Irish." 


Sinn Féin TD Sandra McLellan last night outlined how the passing of a Sinn Féin motion on the recognition of a Palestinian State would improve the chances of a two-state solution, where Palestinian children could grow up in a safe and free environment.

Deputy McLellan said:

“We welcomed the Government's decision not to oppose or amend the Sinn Féin motion last night which called for this Government's recognition of Palestine's right to self-determination and statehood. The decision means that both houses of the Oireachtas will now support sovereignty for the Palestinian people.

“The move is a substantial and positive development.  By creating cross party unity on this issue in the Oireachtas is sending a strong message of solidarity to the Palestinian people.
The government must now follow through on subsequent steps needed and ensure they live up to the commitments outlined and agreed upon.

“During the debate, I used my opportunity to highlight some of the current issues related to Palestinian children being held in detention by Israel.

“According to a report by the Euro-Mid Observer for Human Rights, Israeli forces arrested nearly 3,000 Palestinian children from the beginning of 2010 to mid-2014, the majority of them between the ages of 12 and 15 years old. The report points out that 75 per cent of the detained children are subjected to physical torture and 25 per cent faced military trials. It is one clear example of how Israel continues to violate international and human rights law with its occupation of Palestine.

“Children as young as 12 are taken into custody without any warning.  It's a practice that runs completely contrary to the protection of childrens’ rights and indeed, human rights. It results in thousands of children under the age of 16 being taken into custody. 

“Another report conducted by UNICEF in March of last year found that found that the ill-treatment of Palestinian minors held in Israeli military detention centres is "widespread, systematic and institutionalised". It also found children had been held in solitary confinement for between two days and a month before being taken to court, or even after sentencing.

“This is the true face of Israel's Occupation. We in Sinn Féin believe our motion passed yesterday improves the chances of a two-state solution where Palestinian children will gain their right to grow up in a safe and free Palestinian State.”


Sinn Féin MEP Martina Anderson has praised the work of Men's Sheds in promoting mental health awareness among men. 

Speaking at the launch of the Derry Men's Shed project in the Brandywell this morning, Ms. Anderson said; 

"The men's shed provides an excellent environment for men to come together and take part in a wide range of actives or to simply have a chat with friends. 

"At times men can find it hard to discuss their feelings and as a result many struggle to cope but Men's Sheds have found a unique way of being able to reach out to men and tackle feelings of isolation. 

"It is important that we all feel valued within our community and the ethos of men's sheds - the promotion of dignity, uniqueness and equality - demonstrates that these core values are the basis of how we should all treat each other. 

"As well as raising mental health awareness, men's sheds also provide opportunities for men to share and learn a whole range of skills. 

"I have been promoting Men's Sheds in Europe and this week I hosted John Evoy CEO of Irish Men's Sheds, as part of a delegation to Brussels to explore opportunities for social economy groups. 

"I will continue to provide groups like Men's Sheds with access to European funding streams to ensure that the good work they do can continue and grow." 


 Sinn Fein MP Conor Murphy has called on those waging a campaign of "intimidation, threats and assaults" against Cullyhanna man Michael Bellew and his family, to cease immediately.

Describing Mr Bellew as a respected and upstanding member of the community the Sinn Féin MP said

This campaign of violence and intimidation being carried out by criminals masquerading as Republicans is disgraceful and must be condemned by all.  It must cease immediately. People are outraged and most view this threat on a well respected and upstanding member of the community and his family as an attack on the entire community" and he continued

"These criminal gangs need to leave the stage and people allowed to build a future for themselves and their families free from threat".

He also said that Sinn Féin would be meeting with the PSNI to discuss the issue

"The PSNI need to deal with this immediately and we will be meeting with them to impress that on them."

The Sinn Féin representative concluded by stating 

 "People need to be able to get on with their lives without the shadow of these gangs hanging over them, who are besmirching the honourable title of republican.”


Sinn Féin MLA Barry McElduff has condemned those responsible for a security alert at a primary school in Omagh. 

Speaking after Omagh County Primary School was evacuated as a result of a security alert, the West Tyrone MLA said; 

"This incident has brought nothing but disruption to Omagh. 

"It has disrupted school communities, retail trade in the town and brought traffic to a standstill and main arterial routes.

"This is not the message we want our school children to be receiving in today's society. 

"It serves no purpose whatsoever and must be condemned.  

"Whoever was responsible for this has no support in the community"


Sinn Féin MLA Martin McGuinness said today a comprehensive agreement is required to deal with all the outstanding issues in the political process.

Martin McGuinness said:

“There is an opportunity to resolve all the outstanding issues in the political process in these talks. 

“There is clearly still substantial work to be done. 

“The Taoiseach and the British Prime Minister need to contribute in a meaningful and substantial way to resolving the difficulties facing the political process.

“The British government in particular is a key player in these talks. 

“They have created many of the financial and other problems and need to provide financial and other solutions.

“Clearly we need a comprehensive agreement on all the issues in the talks.”


Sinn Féin Leader Gerry Adams TD said today that the British prime minister David Cameron needs to shape up if progress is to be made in the current all-party talks.

The Louth TD was speaking as he led a Sinn Féin delegation into a round-table meeting of the political parties and the Bitish and Irish governments.

Gerry Adams said:

“David Cameron’s government has failed to engage in good faith in this negotiation.

“This is the prime minister who reneged on the Pat Finucane Inquiry.

“He is also hiding his government’s involvement in the conflict behind the shield of ‘national security’.

“He has stripped billions from the Exceutive’s block grant and his government has failed to acknowledge its responsibilities to the political process.

“They have failed to honour commitments made in the Good Friday and other agreements such as Acht na Gaeilge and the Bill of Rights.

“So the British prime minister needs to shape up if progress is to be made in these negotiations over the next couple of days.”


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