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Next election a choice between Fine Gael or Sinn Féin-led Government - Gerry Adams TD

"The next election will be a choice between a Fine Gael-led or Sinn Féin-led Government. It is a choice between two diametrically opposed visions for Irish society." - Adams

There is a need for new political and human relationships based on trust and respect. We may never agree on the past but that must not be allowed to hold back the future.

Sinn Féin Social Protection Spokesperson Aengus Ó Snodaigh TD this morning launched his party’s alternative internship scheme which he says will replace the current government’s JobBridge Scheme if his party is in power after the next election.

Latest Statements


Sinn Féin Dublin Central TD Mary Lou McDonald has welcomed this mornings go-ahead by An Bord Pleanála for the Luas city centre link up.

Deputy McDonald said:

"This is a good news story for Dublin and for those who commute into the city centre.

"Integrating the city's public transport system benefits businesses, citizens and visitors alike.

"Today's green light for the Luas BXD project will bring much needed employment to the city. An added benefit of course will be the linking up of the city centre line with the new DIT campus at Grangegorman.

"Of course the icing on the cake would be the completion of the project in time for the 2016 centenary celebrations." ENDS


Demanding the lifting of threats against community workers in Ardoyne, Sinn Féin MLA Gerry Kelly said:

“Threats against Ardoyne community workers are absolutely unacceptable and must be lifted now.

“We are united in our support for people who provide vital services, work hard to improve the area and who on a daily basis are holding a range of agencies to account to make sure they deliver for this community.

“Of the several leaflets distributed in recent days by individuals circulating within various groups such as North Belfast IRSP, GARC and RNU, the most intimidating is signed under the guise of GARC.

“The ironic thing is that while intimidating others for dealing with the PSNI these same individuals deal with the PSNI on a regular basis. This community needs issues such as domestic violence, drug dealing, anti-social behaviour and child protection dealt with by the appropriate agencies.

“Groups such as CRJI who are working to keep our young people out of the criminal justice system have been targeted with these threats and those issuing them need to come out and provide answers to the Ardoyne community.

“The threats come after recent attacks on the homes of respected republicans in the area by a small number of individuals who are unrepresentative of the people of Ardoyne.

“I'm demanding that these threats be removed immediately and spokespersons of groups such as GARC must make their positions publicly clear.”


Sinn Féin MLA Michelle O’Neill has supported the call by the families of four IRA Volunteers killed in County Tyrone in 1992, for the British government to come clean about their deaths.

IRA Volunteers Peter Clancy, Patrick Vincent, Sean O’Farrell and Barry O’Donnell were killed in a British Army shoot-to-kill ambush on 16th February 1992 at Clonoe, County Tyrone
The Mid-Ulster MLA said:

“The families today released a report called Ambush, Assassination & Impunity that examined material not seen before in relation to the ambush. The killing of the four IRA Volunteers was clearly avoidable and yet the British state deliberately went out to make sure their actions would end in the deaths of the volunteers.

“Sinn Féin support the families call for the British government to come clean about their shoot-to-kill policy which was obviously used on this occasion and we offer the families any assistance we can give in their struggle for truth and justice.”


Sinn Féin’s Peadar Toibín TD has said that moves by the ECB bank to ease the Euro crisis would be welcome, but that the bank has to move speedily.
The Meath deputy said Sinn Féin has recommended that the ECB play a lender-of-last-resort role and that the bank's strong balance sheet is needed as a backstop for the Euro currency to alleviate market fears.
However, while Mario Draghi today said he would come up with measures to support the Euro over the coming weeks - the lack of detail is unsettling and the failure to grasp the urgency of the situation, worrying.

Peadar Toibín TD, said:
"The successful re-entry into the bond markets last week by the Irish state can be linked to the announcements made concerning ECB activity and the potential for debt restructuring. Today's ECB governing council meeting was the test of whether Mario Draghi could deliver on this promise to do whatever it takes to save the Euro, despite Bundesbank opposition.

"The news today that the ECB will take ‘non-standard banking policy’ action - or actions that go beyond the remit of price stability, is welcome. However, the lack of detail on what these measures will be and the delay in their coming into play is worrying. The euro currency continues to be speculated against and the absence of a lender of last resort with a strong balance sheet is a source of instability. The ECB stepping in will alleviate market fears.

"The EU and the ECB needs to accept the urgency of this situation. To date we have had a policy of procrastination. If we continue this way, events in Spain, Italy and even here in Ireland, may come to an unwelcome head. Sinn Féin rejects the attempt to hinge all progress on the furthering of fiscal consolidation. The markets have not reacted positively to the imposition of austerity policies on the peripheral states by the EU. It has reacted positively to talk of dealing with the debt burden and the ECB becoming the lender-of-last-resort. This cannot be ignored by policy makers." ENDS


Speaking after the launch of the Digital Hub annual report Peadar Tóibín TD, Sinn Féin spokesperson for jobs, enterprise and innovation said:

“In its annual report today the Digital Hub estimated the value of online transactions by 2017 will be €21 billion.

“A key sustainable driver for our long-term economic growth is access to, and promotion of, internet based new technologies.

“We have the skills, expertise and entrepreneurial drive within the Irish technology sector to begin to realise the potential of this sector for economic growth and job creation. However this potential is being squandered by government inaction and piecemeal initiatives.

“A range of studies has found that increasing broadband coverage by 10% delivers a 1% increase in GDP and doubling access speeds increase a GDP by 0.3%.

“During this government’s watch the ranking of this state is now at its lowest ever position in the Global Table for Download and Upload Speeds. Yet the costs of broadband for business and consumers are well above average.

“It should be noted that the Obama administration has earmarked $7.2 billion for broadband roll out. It is a damming indictment that under Pat Rabbitte his department has not laid one additional inch of fibre optic cable in his first year in office.

“The government needs a comprehensive approach to IT through investment in education, support for business and enables access to broadband infrastructure.

“In the north Sinn Féin has supported increased coverage and enhanced broadband speeds. In our economic proposals have consistently costed and included broadband roll out as a major component of sustainable and shovel-ready infrastructure investment.

“If we are to create sustainable jobs in this sector we must invest in infrastructure to ensure that every home and business has access to high speed broad band.

“The government needs to act now before we fall further down the broadband league tables.



Sinn Féin MLA Sue Ramsey has called on Health Minister Edwin Poots to reassure patients and parents that the Paediatric Congenital Cardiac Services will remain at the RVH.

The West Belfast MLA and Chair of the Assembly’s Health Committee said:

“Like many people I am concerned over recent speculation that the Paediatric Congenital Cardiac Services at the RVH are under threat. Patients and their parents need to be reassured that this service will remain at the RVH.

“There has been speculation that patients could be brought to Britain for surgery but both in terms of patient welfare and costs this surely does not make sense. Working in conjunction with the Health Minister James Reilly in the 26 counties could provide a local solution to problems of sustainability.

"A first class all Ireland service, providing the necessary care and treatment for children with serious heart problems, should be the aim. In the meantime families need to be reassured that their loved ones will get the treatment they are entitled to without having to undergo the added stress and expense of travelling to England.”


Sinn Féin MLA Alex Maskey said the response by NI Water and the Roads Service to the interim report by Belfast City Council into the flooding on June 27th was at best premature and unhelpful.

The South Belfast MLA said:

“The response by these two agencies is at best premature. They have been asked by the Executive to compile a report into the flooding and that is what they should be concentrating on.

“I have had meetings with residents and representatives of the agencies and I am getting the impression, as are the residents, that there is no sense of urgency in finding solutions to the flooding.

“Residents are not inspired with confidence that the agencies are taking this matter as seriously and urgently as is necessary. Until that report is handed to the Executive with proposals for solving this recurring problem then they should hold their own council.

“Residents and local businesses had not only to deal with the misery suffered by the flooding but they were also outraged by the response and lack of co-ordination from the agencies.

“These premature comments are unhelpful and the agencies need to concentrate on compiling their report for the Executive of what went wrong and solutions to make sure it does not happen again.”


Speaking as the July Live Register figures were released, Peadar Tóibín TD, Sinn Féin spokesperson for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation said;

“Today figures show that 19,000 more people are on the live register since this government came to power and rates of unemployment continue to increase despite high levels of emigration.

“Some 54% of those unemployed have been out of work for more than a year, almost the length of time of this government.

“Those on the Live Register need to hear from the government when the 100,000 additional new jobs promised by the Taoiseach will materialise. Our unemployed need action and not spin.

“It is clear that the policies being pursued by this government will not tackle unemployment. In sticking to those failing policies the government is indifferent to the needs of the unemployed.

“This government needs to re-orientate policy and investment away from supporting bankers and commercial landlords to creating jobs and supporting business.”



Toibín responds to Rabbitte comments on opposition

Peadar Tóibín TD, Sinn Féin spokesperson on jobs, enterprise and innovation, responded to Labour minister, Pat Rabbitte’s comments on the opposition.

In a revealing interview in today’s Irish Times, Pat Rabbitte claimed that there was no policy differences between Labour and Fine Gael and no alternative to the programme that they are following

Peadar Toibín TD, in response said: “To claim that there is no alternative is the mark of political cowardice and an effort to close down debate.

“There are clear alternatives, alternatives that have been implemented successfully in other countries. The government needs to prioritise the functioning of the real economy over toxic debt. As long as bondholders are prioritised over productivity, competitiveness and jobs the economic slide will continue.

“The policies of Labour in government are failing; we have increased unemployment, increased long term unemployment, increased emigration, continuing high rates of business closures. Under Pat Rabitte’s watch this state has fallen behind with regards key technological infrastructure such as broadband speed and coverage.

“Labour has delivered excessive pay-outs for ministers, advisors, and senior civil servants.

“Labour has accused Sinn Féin of populism and claimed a dearth of Sinn Féin ideas. However in the last year Labour has opposed all of Sinn Féin’s proposals. The Labour Party has opposed Sinn Féin motions on support to the DEIS schools, motions to end the Anglo Promissory Note, safeguard the rights of low-paid workers, safeguard and develop state assets to develop Moore Street into a heritage and tourism quarter.

“Labour has opposed our motions to retain of services at Roscommon Hospital and has refused to repeal the household charge in favour of a progressive tax. The Labour Party, a party of the left, has opposed our motions to reverse the cuts to CE Schemes, opposed the retaining of the ESB in public ownership and despite their background they opposed a modest bill to curtail the excesses of moneylenders.

“Pat Rabitte clearly believes that Labour and Fine Gael policy fit snuggly together. Labour has sided with the commercial landlords to maintain upward only rents; the bankers on bail outs; the developers in NAMA; employers to reduce the rights of low-paid agency works and removed the Sunday premium.”

Peadar Toibín added: “Sinn Féin is providing a clear alternative throughout Ireland, an alternative that has been costed by the Department of Finance.

“We share the view of economic Nobel laureates that a significant counter cyclical economic stimulus is needed to jolt Ireland out of its downward spiral, we have identified where the funds can be sourced, we have detailed technological and cost competitive opportunities for the state and we have outlined how like many other European countries fairness and cohesion is rates of pay can be achieved.”


Jake’s law to be debated in the Dáil this week


Ambassador Ahmad Abdelrazek and Brian Stanley TD