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Sinn Féin Westminster 2015 Election Broadcast

Sinn Féin stands for equality and protecting the most vulnerable. Our progressive politics and commitment to the rights of citizens is the only alternative to the extreme austerity agenda of the British government. A vote for Sinn Féin is a vote for real and lasting positive change.

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams TD has said Sinn Féin's progressive politics is the only alternative to austerity.

Some of the sights and sounds of today's massive Right2Water rally on Dublin's O'Connell Street this afternoon (March 21).  Reports that up to...

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Sinn Féin MLA Maeve McLaughlin has met with Mary Walshok vice-chancellor for Public Programmes and Dean of Extension for the University of California to discuss economic development and the expansion of Magee.

 Ms McLaughlin said,

 “As well as being Vice Chancellor Mary Walshok is also an author of of Blue Collar Women, Knowledge Without Boundaries, Closing America’s Job Gap and the forthcoming Invention and Reinvention: The Evolution of San Diego’s Entrepreneurial Economy and is a thought leader on aligning workforce development with regional economic growth.

 “I was particularly interested in her thoughts on the expansion of Magee University as the University of California is made up of 10 separate campuses each with its own autonomy.  This may be a model that University of Ulster could be suited to in order to create the further expansion of Magee.

 “It is important that if we are develop our industries linked to our universities that we utilise the experience of people like Mary Walshok as she is an also innovator by developing the Connect project linked to the NI Connect and NI Science Park.

 “This was a very worthwhile meeting and we agreed to remain in contact in order to develop ideas around development and expansion of our universities.”


Sinn Féin MEP Martina Anderson has chalked up her first success as MEP in making EU policy-making more open and transparent.

 Speaking from Brussels Ms Anderson said:

 "For too long corporate interests have dominated EU policy-making. The European Commission has long sought so-called 'independent advice' through the creation of 'expert groups', which are dominated by corporate lobbyists.  

 "Today the European Parliament and the European Commission reached a deal which will see Commission Vice-president Maroš Šefčovič work with MEPs on establishing new guidelines for the approximately 900 expert groups advising the European Commission.

 "The new guidelines will deal with the over-representation of larger corporations and the marginalisation of citizens and civil society groups. Information about expert groups will be made publicly available, including information about membership and minutes of the meetings. And experts with a vested interest in the field concerned can no longer be called ‘independent’; they can continue to serve only as an expert serving on behalf of the party whose interests they serve.

 "This is just one aspect of the corruption of policy-making which is all too common in the EU. This is a positive step, but more action is needed. I will continue working with MEPs from across the political spectrum to ensure that that the EU serves the interests of the people rather than major corporations and their hired hands."



 Sinn Féin MEP Martina Anderson has attended the 'Good Food March' at the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

 "As the EU debates the future of our farmers and our food, I think it is great to see so many stakeholders here showing how the decisions made in Brussels have an impact on their business, and our food.

 "The march was to encourage members of the European Parliament, who, for the first time, are co-legislators on the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy, to deliver fair prices for farmers and shoppers.

 "The Good Food March also highlighted the need for increased sustainability and a move towards food sovereignty, something which is particularly resonant given the current grain crisis.  

 "I am delighted to see farmers taking their mission directly to the door of the European Parliament, highlighting the importance of family farms and the dangers of food speculation.

 "I also had a chance to sample some of the produce. It is important to remember that with all these rules and regulations, we are still talking about the food that ends up on our plate, our culinary heritage, and this is what we are fighting to protect.


Speaking during this morning’s leaders questions in the Dáil Sinn Féin Deputy Leader Mary Lou McDonald TD welcomed the publication of proposed wording of the constitutional amendment on Children and called on the Tánaiste to deliver a strategy to tackle increasing levels of child poverty. The Dublin TD also called on the Labour leader to make a commitment to child proof December’s budget.

Deputy McDonald said:

“Publication of the proposed wording for the children’s referendum is without doubt a significant step towards enshrining children’s right in the Constitution.

“However the reality of life for many children in this state is a world away from the aspirations in the proposed constitutional amendment.

“Over 100,000 of our children live in poverty. This number has increased in recent years as a result of the austerity policies of this Government and its predecessors in Fianna Fáil.

“If Labour and Fine Gael are serious about making the best interests of the child paramount then they need to produce a strategy to end child poverty.

“Fine Gael and Labour need to give a commitment that there will be no measures in December's Budget which will place more children in poverty.

“Children’s charity Barnardos has warned that further cuts to social welfare and public services will lead to further hardship and greater incidences of poverty and deprivation for children.

“The Children’s Referendum is welcome but fine words alone will not put food in the stomachs of our most vulnerable children. Sinn Féin has today called on the Government to put its money where its mouth is on child poverty and make a commitment to child proof December's Budget.” ENDS


Sinn Féin TD and Finance Spokesperson Pearse Doherty has called on the Government to abandon its plan for a property tax. Deputy Doherty made his call after a parliamentary question he placed to the Finance Minister revealed that the Minister has no plans to abolish stamp duty when he introduces property tax. The Sinn Féin TD said that flaws surrounding the establishment and implementation of the tax are mounting.

Deputy Doherty said:

“The Parliamentary Question returned to me this week confirms that the Government is looking at double taxation – a property tax and stamp duty on ordinary homeowners. If the property tax goes ahead we are looking at a situation where a families either purchasing for the first time or who bought a house several years ago and paid thousands in stamp duty are now being asked to pay a property tax.

“It is truly remarkable that the Government thinks it is acceptable to double tax a family home because it does not have the wit or imagination to come up with fair and workable deficit proposals.

“I am urging this Government to abandon its property tax plan which is looking more and more to be ill thought out, unfair and economically damaging. The administration of this tax will be a bureaucratic nightmare and it is not clear whether Revenue has the capacity to audit that many households to ensure compliance.

“The tax will target householders regardless of how much they owe the bank, negative equity and what stamp duty they’ve paid. And as it will hit disproportionately ordinary middle income families, the money they have to spend in the local economy will be further diminished.

“The tax measures in budget 2013 have to work and work fairly. A wealth tax would target wealth and property above an appropriate threshold and because it is targeted at a smaller number of individuals it’s easier to implement. This is the tax the Government should introduce.”



Dublin South West TD Seán Crowe has attended the 20th Anniversary of Our Lady’s Hospice Coffee Morning in Harold’s Cross today. Coffee mornings were held by hospice supporters all over the island to raise much needed funds for the vital work they do.

Speaking after the event Deputy Seán Crowe said:

“I was delighted to attend the fundraising event for Our Lady’s Hospice Coffee Morning in Harold’s Cross with Councillor Máire Devine.

“I want to congratulate all those associated with this and other events organised today, throughout the country. The event in Harold’s Cross celebrated its 20th Anniversary and I am hoping it has helped raise a significant amount of money to compliment and support the fantastic work of the hospice service.

“The hospice provides specialist care for people with a wide range of needs from rehabilitation to end of life care.

“It was great to meet many of the hospice’s staff, volunteers, patients and their families. It is very clear to see that the hospice offers a very important wide range services to its patients, and the staff and volunteers carry out amazing work in difficult circumstances.

“Unfortunately the hospice services, like other key medical supports, are in need of vital funds to continue their valuable work. I would encourage anyone unable to contribute today to organise their own events and support of this worthy cause.

“Today marked the 20th Anniversary but anyone can organise a coffee morning at any time in your home, workplace or your community, with friends and family, to fundraise in support of the hospice service.

“Well done to everyone involved in today’s event.” ENDS

Note: Anyone interested in organising their own coffee morning or other fundraising event for the hospice can find out more information and tips at:


Sinn Féin Agriculture spokesperson Oliver McMullan has said that pig farmers across the North must get a fair deal.

 Mr McMullan said,

"Recently a delegation led by the U.F.U.(Ulster Farmers Union) and including farmers, producers and members of the Assembly Agricultural Committee met with the management of the Dunbia food processing factory in Dungannon and afterwards met with the management of the Vion processing factory in Cookstown to discuss the current plight of pig farmers.

 “At both meetings the pig producers made an excellent presentation. The cost of feed here is spiraled out of all reasoning but in England although the cost of the same feed is far cheaper pig farmers are getting £8 per pig more.

“This situation can not go on, Sinn Féin’s MEP Martina Anderson has already raised the plight of local pig farmers in Europe.

“The entire pig farming industry in the North is experiencing difficulties due to the increasing cost of feed and the costs of complying with welfare regulations yet they are not getting a fair price for their produce.

“As a result of the meeting the Agricultural Committee at the Assembly have now tabled a motion on the pig industry for the Assembly to debate. MLAs must now be united in support for the farming industry and weigh in behind the pig farmers to make sure they get a fair deal.”


Sinn Féin MP for Newry Armagh Conor Murphy has stated that move by the British Government to introduce see charge of up to £1000 a year to truck drivers traveling from the 26 counties to the north of Ireland fly in the face efforts to boost the economy across the island of Ireland.

Speaking today Mr Murphy said:“This move will in no way help to boost economic recovery across the island of Ireland.

“The Tory led government have stated they are introducing this charge in order to kick start the economy yet it is another glaring example of policy being made in Westminster with no consideration given to economic conditions in the north of Ireland.

“To charge hauliers up to £1,000 a driver per year to enter the north from the 26 counties will place a huge amount of strain on already very tight operating margin for hauliers. The calls for a reciprocal move from the Irish Haulier Association for a similar charge for drivers from the north will not ease the situation.

“Haulage firms are already hard pressed given the economic downturn and the high price of fuel. To place £1,000 per driver on top of this is simply ignoring these facts. It will inevitably lead to some firms going out of business.

“The British government need to exempt the haulage traffic on the island of Ireland  from these charges. At the North South Ministerial Council one of the main thrusts is to remove barriers to trade on an all-Ireland basis in order to help to build the economy across the island. Taxes such as this will only have the opposite effect.”


Sinn Féin MEP and Environment Committee member, Martina Anderson has voted in the European Parliament against the exploration and extraction of shale gas.

 Speaking from Brussels she welcomed the outcome of the vote.

 "Among the encouraging proposals voted by the Environment Committee are; mandatory environmental impact assessments for fracking projects, the exclusion of EU funding for the shale gas industry and the obligation for fracking companies to declare which chemicals are used in the fracking process."

 "Given the associated risks with the process used to extract shale gas known as hydraulic fracturing or 'fracking', it is baffling that a more robust system of regulation is not already in place. Local communities' concerns regarding the environment and public health must outweigh any commercial and monetary incentives for large gas companies."

 "The very real and dangerous risks of water contamination and noise pollution from fracking have the potential to seriously damage both agriculture and tourism - two very important sectors of Ireland's economy. Even before exploration of the gas begins an Environmental Impact Assessment should be an absolute necessity. There is too much at stake to continue with these risks."

 "Indeed, at a time when we are quickly heading towards a point-of-no-return with climate change and the environment, it seems that we're missing the bigger picture. With an agreed upon need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, it is essential that we move away from the business-as-usual use of fossil fuels and towards renewable energies and a greener, safer and more sustainable economy."



Sinn Féin the only party in the North firmly opposed to austerity - McGuinness


Mary Lou McDonald TD