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The largest gathering of Sinn Féin candidates in the history of the party took place in Drogheda, 350 local council election candidates contesting seats across all 42 councils in the 32 counties of Ireland joined with Sinn Féin's 4 EU election candidates for a final strategic planning day with the party leadership before the local council and EU elections on the 22nd May in the 6 Counties and the 23rd May in the 26 Counties.

Despite Government attempts at revisionism regarding his role in the recent series of controversies involving the Gardai, the Minister is in fact a central actor, and the author of a litany of catastrophes in this whole affair.

Sinn Féin is opposing cuts throughout Ireland because it is the right thing to do. The DUP need to be mature about this, face up to the consequences of the cuts on the people we represent and challenge the British government on their cuts agenda.

Latest Statements


Sinn Féin MLA for East Antrim Oliver McMullan has called for a greater focus to be placed on the long term drainage plans for the Mid Glens area. This follows flooding in the town of Carnlough following heavy rainfall.

Speaking today Mr McMullan said:

“The recent difficulties of flooding that the residents of Carnlough had to endure came as no surprise to anyone.

“I have been calling for the drainage council to rescind their decision of not allowing a designation line in the Cranny River in Carnlough

“I’ve asked the River Agency to set up a meeting to discuss this issue and other issues concerning recent flooding in in Carnlough area and the mid glens including Cushendall, Glenarriff and Cushendun.

“Whilst credit has got to be given to River Agency and the local Cushendall Fire Service to the speedy response to my request on Sunday night help with the pumps and sandbags this discussion needs to be centered on how we can focus more so on the longterm drainage in this area.”


Sinn Féin Economic Spokesperson, Conor Murphy MP, MLA (Newry/Armagh) has accused Environment Minister, Alex Attwood of putting his Party Leadership bid above implementing the necessary changes to Local government.

Conor Murphy said:

“It was widely anticipated that Alex Attwood would present a paper on the Review of Public Administration (RPA) to the Executive last Thursday 20
th October. Following such presentation it was expected that the Minister would have made a statement on his recommendations.

“Since no statement was forthcoming I take it that he did not present the Paper. Clearly Mr Attwood has questions to answer, if indeed he did not present his Paper, why not? If he did present his Paper, why the secrecy around its contents?
“Could it be that the Minister did not bring forward the Paper because he did not want to expose himself to internal party criticism prior to his election bid on November 5th? Or if he did present it and is keeping unusually quiet could it be for the same reason?

“These are questions that Alex Attwood needs to answer now as in all probability his proposals will not now reach the Executive for discussion before his Party Leadership election.

“The implementation of RPA would bring savings of millions of pounds to the Executive over the next few years and I believe that Mr Attwood is stalling due to his own party leadership bid because the agreed way forward doesn't reflect the SDLP position on RPA.
"It is time for real Leadership Alex, inform the Assembly of your proposals now.”


Sinn Féin MP for West Belfast Paul Maskey MLA has welcomed the recent drug seizures in West Belfast.

Yesterday over £100k worth of ecstasy tablets were discovered following a car being stopped in Stockmans Lane while earlier in the week over £230,000 of cocaine and ecstasy tablets were recovered following a car being stopped on the Grosvenor Road.

Speaking today Mr Maskey said:

“The recent drug seizure by the PSNI can only be described as highly significant with almost a quarter of  a million pounds worth of  cocaine and ecstasy taken off our streets.

“The damage that these drugs can do to individuals and communities is well known. It only takes one ecstasy tablet or one experiment with cocaine to cause death. Too many families have been impacted by such tragedies.

“The social effects that these drugs can cause to communities is also well known with addictions leading to higher levels of crime and higher levels of social care and rehabilitation needed for users.

“Combining the ongoing work of the PSNI in removing these drugs supply routes along with education programmes  for our young people is the key to eradicating drug misuse. By showing people the damage that taking or dealing drugs can cause we can help them to make informed choices.”


Speaking after attending a rally in support of James Connolly Hospital in Blanchardstown today Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams accused the government of following the Fianna Fáil doctrine of cutting public health services.

Mr Adams said:

“A 20% cut is planned for James Connolly Hospital while at the same time the Government is preparing to handover €700 million for an unsecured Anglo bond. This handover should be stopped and the money invested in the necessary public services.

“This would be totally unacceptable if it affected just one hospital but it reflects the public hospital services across the state.

“People were promised change in the last election and that’s what they voted for but instead what they have got is more of the same. This Fine Gael/Labour Government is following the Fianna Fáil doctrine of cutting public hospital services.” ENDS


The Sinn Féin spokesperson on housing and transport Dessie Ellis TD has expressed his deep disappointment that HomeBond, the company which has refused to provide cover to houses affected by the Pyrite scandal has declined an invitation to appear before an Oireachtas Committee.

The Committee is investigating the damage caused to houses by the use of pyrite in their construction.

Deputy Ellis said:

“This is totally unacceptable.

“HomeBond have done themselves a serious disservice by declining this invitation and failing to explain their decision which has left many families in a dire situation.

“I am calling on them to review this decision and come before the Committee to discuss this very serious issue. This has caused great hurt, concern and uncertainty in many people’s lives and we must get to the bottom of it and bring about a solution. HomeBond need to respect these people and the Committee and account for themselves.

“I will continue to work with families and keep in contact with resident groups to make sure that this issue is not forgotten and that those who are suffering because of it get justice.”


Sinn Féin spokesperson on housing, Fra McCann stated that Nelson McCausland, as Minister for Social Development, must make a clear statement to the Assembly on how he intends to manage the current housing crisis, when the welfare reforms he is implementing will only add to the housing waiting list, as people are made homeless and vulnerable tenants lose housing benefits.

Speaking after this weeks Social Development Committee Sinn Fein’s Fra McCann said:

"Senior officials from the Housing Executive. this week spelt out to the DSD Committee that the Social Development Minister is steering his department towards a total crisis in local housing.

“Minister McCausland is in danger of becoming the minister for evictions if he continues to forge ahead with Tory welfare cuts.

“On the one hand, under the Thatcherite welfare reform bill, the proposed changes to Housing Benefits for single people under age 35 will make over 6,000 people homeless while the further cuts to peoples housing benefit of 13% for properties where it is deemed there is one extra room and cut by 25% if there are two rooms will place ever greater hardship upon people struggling to pay rents.

“This, on the other hand, stands in stark contrast to the current housing crisis where there is simply not enough housing stock in the Social Housing sector to meet even the current levels of demand.

“Nelson McCausland, as the minister with responsibility in both these sectors must tell the Assembly how he intends to square this circle.

““The system is creaking at the seams and in areas of Derry and North and West Belfast social housing is already at crisis levels. If he persists in his path of implementing the Tory welfare reforms this crisis is set to deepen significantly.”


Sinn Féin President and TD for Louth and East Meath Gerry Adams has described the news that three patients and an unspecified number of staff in Our Lady of Lourdes Drogheda are to be screened for TB as deeply worrying.

This follows news that a patient with TB was on a trolley in the Emergency Department of Lourdes for five days.

Teachta Adams said:

“The overcrowding situation in Drogheda hospital has been a source of very serious concern for some time. With party colleague Peadar Toibin TD and Dr Ruairi Hanley, I have called on HIQA to carry out a full, public investigation of the Emergency Department and publish the findings. HIQA has refused.

“The fact is that these patients and staff were exposed in the Emergency Department of Our Lady of Lourdes in Drogheda.

“This week Drogheda hospital has for three days topped the list of hospitals in the state with the number of patients waiting on trolleys.

“It is inevitable that with ill patients waiting sometimes for days in the Emergency Department, that cross contamination will take place.

“The measures taken thus far by the hospital management have not worked.

“The waiting lists are still the same and the threat to patients is very real.

“I intend raising this issue with the Minister and HIQA needs to initiate the full, public investigation of the Emergency Department that has been asked for and to publish the findings.” ENDS


Team Sinn Féin - Putting Ireland First


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