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A Fair Recovery is possible - downloadA Fair Recovery is Possible

The Government says that a recovery is underway. If it is, it isn’t a fair recovery. It is a two tier recovery, that benefits them and their friends at the top, not the majority of hard-working, fair-minded Irish citizens. 

Sinn Féin believes that a fair recovery is possible. We believe that an equal society is possible. We believe that cronyism and greed can be replaced with fairness and hope. 

There are numerous examples of the Government’s subservience to the elites in Banking and other financial institutions and to the golden circles who have profited from the recession. There are even more examples of the Government’ s attacks on citizens rights and entitlements and of the dreadful price being exacted from lower and middle income earners, children and senior citizens. 

Fianna Fáil destroyed the economy and have learned little since. Fine Gael and Labour are now copying their policies. In Budget 2015 when they had the chance to ease the burden on Irish people, they chose to assist the richest 10%. They are now on the verge of returning us to the ‘boom and bust’ policies of Fianna Fáil, where billions of euro was squandered to buy elections and all of us have paid a huge price ever since. 

We need a major change to how politics is done. 

We want to start a debate about the future, about what type of country and society we want to live in, about equality, and the type of recovery we want. You can be part of this change in Irish politics. 

There are big decisions facing the Irish people and we need an honest discussion. We will be taking this debate to every community across the country in the next twelve months as we move towards the 100th anniversary of the 1916 Rising and delivering on the ideals of the Proclamation.

Outlined below is an overview of our policies as well as our Policy Document Archive

Better For Health - Sinn Féin’s policy is a costed and credible plan to deliver world class universal healthcare. Our policy would end the chaos of A&E overcrowding, the two tier health system and health inequalities across the board.

Better For Housing - Adequate shelter is one of the most basic human needs and is consequently one of the most important human rights.

A New Deal For The West - Sinn Féin has a vision for the West of Ireland. A vision to make it a sustainable place to live and work. A place where the quality of life is matched by the quality of public services.

Better for Childcare - Sinn Féin sees childcare as a public service for both children and parents. When it works, a State’s childcare system can be a huge employer; help with the health and mental development of our smallest children; facilitate parents, especially women, to access the workforce; and be a positive component of economic growth.

Policy Document Archive - View, share or download our recent policy documents in this special archive section.

General Election 2016 Manifesto - Sinn Féin General Election 2016 Manifesto.

Prioritising Disability Inclusion - An audio version of our Prioritising Disability Inclusion document here. Sinn Féin has a vision for society in which all citizens can participate fully in life without being left behind. We will further the rights of people with disabilities, not diminish them. 

An Ghaeilge - Léiríotar sa bheartas polasaí seo cuid de na céimeanna de dhíth chun na Gaeltachta agus na Gaeilge a chosaint ó thuilleadh creimidh agus tús a chur le hathbhunú uirthi mar theanga bheo bheoga do shaoránaigh na hÉireann.

A Republic for all - The republican vision of a united Ireland is based on the principles of equality, inclusion and sovereignty. There can be no place for sectarianism, exclusion or discrimination.

A New Way of Doing Politics - There is an urgent need for meaningful political reform of both our political culture and the political system.

A Fair Tax System - A fair recovery requires a tax system that raises sufficient revenue for government but does so in a manner that is fair and progressive.

Opposing Tory Cuts - In the north of Ireland, Sinn Fein blocked the Welfare Bill and the cuts that the Tories demanded we impose on the most vulnerable.

Decent Work And A Living Wage - The number one priority must be the creation of decent jobs with decent pay, and a real commitment to our SME sector.

Dealing With The Debt - Sinn Féin firmly believes that a better deal on both the public and private debt is possible.

Equal Rights For Irish Speakers - Sinn Féin supports the restoration of the Irish language as the spoken language among the majority of people in Ireland and the creation of a truly bilingual society.