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Seán Lynch has been a republican activist since the early 1970’s. The oldest of a family of 12, he lives with his partner Carol and has one son, Ciaran.  Seán was released from Long Kesh prison after 13 years, under the Good Friday Agreement.  During this period, he was O/C of the republican prisoners.

Seán, a fluent Irish speaker, was one of the people who established Bunscoil An Traonaigh in Lios na Sceithe. He was Sinn Féin organiser in the Fermanagh South Tyrone constituency from 2000 – 2011.

In 2011 Seán was elected to the Assembly and since then he has worked for all of the people of Fermanagh South Tyrone. He has been a member of the Regional Development and Justice Committees as well as being on the had-hoc committee on Mental Health Capacity Bill.

Statements (60)

Danny Kennedy hiding on legal advice - Lynch20 February, 2013

DRD Minister to answer questions on Lennon Case - Lynch29 November, 2012

Western Arc railway network needed28 November, 2012

Need for local undertakers to deal with sudden deaths17 October, 2012

DETI Minister needs to do more to save Target jobs11 September, 2012

Lynch says Target Express closure a major blow to the local economy28 August, 2012

Patterson interference outrageous – Sean Lynch10 July, 2012

RNIB Event Highlights Difficulties Facing Blind and Partially Sighted - Lynch20 June, 2012

Full Disclosure Need on Human Organ Retention23 May, 2012

Full Disclosure Need on Human Organ Retention21 May, 2012

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