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As we approach the 100th anniversary of the Rising, support for republican ideals is growing. People are hungry for real change. The Easter Rising is the defining event and the Proclamation of the Republic is the defining document in the history of Irish Republicanism. Our task is to apply it’s principles to the Ireland of today and to achieve the united Ireland of Equals promised in the Proclamation.

Sinn Féin is seeking a new, agreed and united Ireland. We want to build a just, fair and equal Ireland, an economically prosperous and socially and culturally inclusive Ireland. We want to protect our most vulnerable, the elderly, children, the ill, the ethnic minorities, those with disabilities – and ensure that equality is the touchstone upon which all policies are formulated.

The republican vision of a united Ireland is based on the principles of equality, inclusion and sovereignty. There can be no place for sectarianism, exclusion or discrimination.

Sinn Féin Would:

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Sinn Féin sees childcare as a public service for both children and parents. When it works, a State’s childcare system can be a huge employer; help with the health and mental development of our smallest children; facilitate parents, especially women, to access the workforce; and be a positive component of economic growth.

View and share our Better For Childcare document in PDF Booklet format here.

Our health system is in a state of crisis. This crisis can be boiled down to two key failings on the part of successive governments: firstly, an extreme depth of fundamental inequality in how patients are treated, differentiated on ability to pay and location; and secondly, the sheer incapacity of the system to deal with even demographic pressures, evidenced particularly in our Emergency Departments and maternity care.

Sinn Féin is committed to the realisation of a world-class system of universal health care, accessed on the basis of need, free at the point of delivery, and funded by progressive taxation for the Irish state. We believe there is no greater good worth striving for.

View and share our Better For Health document PDF here.

The political system has failed the people of Ireland. Public disillusionment has grown as the role of the Government and the Establishment parties in bringing about the economic crisis has become more apparent. This has been exacerbated by revelations of corruption, outrageous expenses claims and an ineffectual Oireachtas. Sinn Féin believes that it is time for fundamental political reform.

View and share the document in PDF Booklet format here.

Sinn Féin has a longstanding position of support for LGBT equality in all dimensions of life and law. This includes the equal right to legal recognition of same-sex marriage – a right for which Sinn Féin campaigned passionately and successfully in the 2015 referendum -  and the equal right to found a family, including by adoption. It also includes full legal recognition of the preferred/acquired gender of transgender people.  In this 2014 document we make 10 key proposals for LGBT equality.

View and share the document in PDF Booklet format here.

Young people across Europe were hit hardest by the economic crisis. If young people are to be given a fighting chance to remain in this state and attain decent work for decent pay there needs to be better cross- sectoral co-operation between departments. This requires political will and imagination. This 2014 document makes a series of proposals to tackle youth unemployment and face down emigration.

View and share the document in PDF Booklet format here.

There are approximately 70 million citizens across the globe who claim Irish roots. Over the centuries the Irish have been forced to leave our homeland in order to find work and a better future for their families. We take huge pride in our diaspora. It is of profound importance that we do all in our power to foster and ensure the strengthening of positive relationships and connections. To do so, Sinn Féin believes that we need a diaspora strategy which is government-led and fully resourced.

View and share the document in PDF Booklet format here.

Sinn Féin believes that it is imperative people with disabilities are not left behind as the labour market begins to recover.  In this 2015 document we propose a series of actions that could be undertaken immediately to support people with disabilities who wish to work to overcome some of the barriers to employment that they face.

View and share the document in PDF Booklet format here.

Visit our Budget 2016 special web section here.

The coming election will be about who can deliver a fair recovery for all our citizens. At present we have parties that imposed austerity, punished those most in need and are now claiming a one sided and unfair recovery. Sinn Féin offers a republican vision of Ireland, deliverable policies for a fair recovery and a new form of politics. An Irish language version of this document is also available here.

View and share the document in PDF Booklet format here.