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Ciarán Beattie


Statements (24)

Beattie demands answers on City Hall flute band display13 October, 2019

‘Unionist parties should show leadership to remove illegal Avoneil bonfire’ - Cllr Beattie10 July, 2019

Statutory agencies have a duty to ensure public safety - Beattie9 July, 2019

Council decision to remove bonfire materials welcome - Beattie8 July, 2019

Beattie condemns forced closure and intimidation of Avoniel Leisure Centre7 July, 2019

Council backs Sinn Féin motion to remove offensive flags1 July, 2019

Sinn Féin request special meeting to discuss taking injunction on offensive flags and banners26 June, 2019

Beattie slams ‘bile from Bunting’12 April, 2019

Beattie slams ‘bile from Bunting’12 April, 2019

Beattie welcomes new stores and creation of 100 Park Centre jobs9 April, 2019

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