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Concern at new gambling laws

19 September, 2007

Sinn Féin East Derry MLA Francie Brolly has expressed concern at the new laws introduced by the British Government to relax previous restrictions on adverts for gambling and to give casinos, online betting sites, bookmakers and other operators the chance to launch TV commercials.

Mr Brolly said:

"Sinn Féin has warned over the past few years about the many problems caused by the increase in the availability of access to gambling, particularly online and the vast amounts of money that can be lost at the click of button.

"We see in our communities the devastation excessive gambling can cause for many families and more worryingly with online gambling the problem can remain hidden behind closed doors for some time. There is a serious concern about a relaxation on previous restrictions placed on various aspects of gambling advertising. People with a gambling addiction will be now faced with a new hurdle. It will be harder to resist due to the sheer volume of advertising they will be faced with on a daily basis

"We cannot allow the profits of the gambling industry being put before the concerns of our communities." ENDS

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