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Kelly calls on British Labour Party to back Assembly elections

29 September, 2003

Sinn Féin North Belfast Representative Gerry Kelly last night addressed the Agreed Ireland Forum at the British Labour Party Conference. Mr Kelly used the opportunity to call on the Labour Party to renew its commitment to the Good Friday Agreement and to rally in support of the holding of Assembly elections." Mr. Kelly said:

"The Good Friday Agreement is about rights and entitlements. It is about gaining rights and entitlements that have been denied to a section of our people since Partition. It is about bringing about political and constitutional change. It is about a new beginning to the political reality in the North of Ireland. It is full of promise.

"The last five years have not been dominated by delivering on this promise but on undermining it. Through four suspensions of the political institutions and the eventual cancellation of the elections to renew the mandates to those Institutions Tony Blair has continuously undermined that embryonic democratic process.

"The Agreement has to be implemented in full and in order to do that there needs to be an election. Tony Blair is the one that must call a date for the election and he must do it now. Rather than a process of implementation what we have is a process of undermining the Agreement by anti-Agreement unionists and faceless securocrats attempting to suck the momentum out of the Agreement."

In response to a question on the possibility of British Labour organising in the North Mr Kelly said:

"It would have no impact on Sinn Féin support but as an all-Ireland and a united Ireland Party our task is to see the end of British political intervention in any part of our country not an extension of it. ENDS

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