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Doherty responds to Woodward's comments on cost of enquiries

25 September, 2007

Sinn Féin Vice-President, Pat Doherty MP, MLA (West Tyrone) responding to British Secretary of State, Shaun Woodward comments that the various enquiries here are costing too much money has said that the British government could act now to come clean about its role in the conflict and avoid the delays associated with inquiries.

Speaking from the British Labour Party conference in Bournemouth Mr Doherty said:

"Sinn Féin fully supports the inquiry demanded by the Finucane, Nelson and Hamill families. We support the demands of all families searching for truth and justice.

"We demand full and proper disclosure of all relevant information by British government departments and agencies in relation to all cases of collusion. This includes full disclosure to inquests of the actions of British State Forces. It also means publication in full of the Stevens'' and Sampson/Stalker reports.

"If the British government is truly concerned at the cost of these enquiries and not once more attempting to cover up the truth then there is a simply solution that will save time as well as money. Accede to these reasonable demands of the families of victims of British State Forces and their acolytes in the unionist death squads, stop the cover-up, co-operate with the enquiries and expedite closure for the victims loved ones.

"For as long as one family continues to fight for the truth, Sinn Féin will support them in their efforts." ENDS

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