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European Commission must take action to prevent tragic deaths of children this Christmas - McDonald

25 September, 2007

In response to today's European Commission statement on dangerous toys manufactured in China Sinn Féin Dublin MEP Mary Lou McDonald has said bureaucratic indifference from Brussels will put children's lives at risk this Christmas."

Speaking from Strasbourg Ms. McDonald said:

"Last month Mattel recalled over 10 million toys world wide because of led paint exposure and tiny magnets that could easily be swallowed by children.

"We know that 48% of all detected unsafe products have their origin in China and 25% of these products are children's toys. These are unacceptable statistics.

"It was also pointed out that despite a number of widely publicised large scale recall campaigns concerning dangerous toys that unsafe products are still reaching the European market.

“Christmas is just months away and still the market continues to be flooded with dangerous toys with no apparent strategy to deal with this potential disaster from either the EU or Irish government.

"Sinn Fein has called for a complete revision of the Toy Safety Directive before the year end as it is obviously ineffective in its protection of consumer rights and most importantly children's safety.

"We have also demanded member state awareness and information campaigns be rolled out so as to promote consumer education on added value guarantees such as the CE mark.

"Knowingly putting children's lives at risk is a colossal scandal yet that is exactly what the Commission and Irish government is doing for as long as both institutions continue to be inactive on this issue." CRíOCH


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