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Release of Rapist - outrage at threat to local community

28 September, 2007

West Tyrone MP Pat Doherty has said that local people are outraged at the news that a convicted rapist could be released back into the local community within weeks despite the assessment that he poses a serious risk.

Mr Doherty said:

"I think that there is a sense of total shock across the local community at the news that this man, who is identified as a serious risk, could be back on our streets within weeks.

"Given our collective experience locally of just how badly wrong the management of dangerous sex offenders can go I think that there is even less confidence in how the authorities will deal with this whole situation.

"Since the murder of Attracta Harron and this brutal rape British direct rule Ministers, who are responsible for these issues, have had ample time and opportunity to act. They have failed this community.

"There is an objective of devolving policing and justice powers to the Assembly and I think that many many people will today be demanding that we have local Ministers in charge of responding to what our people are saying to us and the issues affecting our community rather than semi-detached British Ministers." ENDS

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