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MLA backs ‘Van Safety’ Campaign

1 October, 2007

Sinn Féin Road Safety spokesperson, Assembly Member for Newry Armagh Cathal Boylan who is also the Deputy Chair of the Environment Committee has said he fully supports the campaign of bereaved father Mike Turner to make it illegal to carry unrestrained passengers in the back of vans.

Mr. Turner's son Stephen was tragically killed in an accident when the van he was in skidded on ice and hit a tree.

Mr. Boylan said:

"I have heard Mr Turner speaking on the radio about this issue and my deepest condolences go to him and his family. It is common sense that people travelling in the back of vans are just as much at risk as any other passenger in a vehicle and there should be just as much emphasis put on their safety and well- being as that of a front seat passenger.

"I know Mr. Turner is hoping to speak to the Environment Minister and I can assure him he will have the support of our Party both within the Environment Committee and the Assembly on this issue. I am hoping to contact him to discuss this matter as soon as possible." ENDS

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