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No resumption of work at Ballyogan landfill until community concerns satisfied

5 October, 2007

South Dublin Sinn Féin representative Shaun Tracey, speaking as work has been halted on the excavation of 90,000 tonnes of waste at Ballyogan landfill, said work must not be allowed to resume until such time as a chemical analysis and a risk assessment are carried out. Work has been halted at the site due to the discovery of hospital waste.

Speaking today Mr. Tracey said, "Prior to work beginning on the excavation of waste at Ballyogan landfill the Ballyogan Environment Group warned of the presence of hazardous waste and the implications for the safety of the surrounding community.

"They demanded that, along with a risk assessment for the local community, a chemical analysis of the waste be carried on the waste to be excavated.

"While the demands of the Balyogan Environment Group fell on deaf ears their concerns have now come to fruition with the discovery of hospital waste. Work has now been halted at the landfill.

"Work must not be allowed to resume at the landfill until the concerns of the local community have been dealt with to their complete satisfaction. This means carrying out a full risk assessment and a chemical analysis of the waste.

"If the powers that be had of listened to the community in the first place a lot of time and energy, not to mention money, may not have been lost." ENDS

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