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Hallinan Calls on Minister Martin to Get Serious About Jobs in East Cork

8 October, 2007

Sinn Féin Councillor Martin Hallinan this morning called on Minister Micheál Martin to stop talking out of both sides of his mouth when it comes to job creation in East Cork and to in real terms address the deteriorating employment situation in Youghal and Cobh.


Martin Hallinan speaking in a special debate in Cork County Council said:


“Nobody is fooled by the Ministers performance in which he claimed that there was none more surprised than he, when Amgen officially pulled the plug.  Even the dogs in the street were aware that this decision was coming down the line.


“It has been known for sometime Amgen was in trouble as a company and in no position to make such an investment and commitment as promised for Carrigtwohill.


“I suggest that pre election cynicism is the primary reason why Minister Micheál Martin and the IDA maintained the fiction that the project was still on track.”


“Now that that Amgen have made their statement I am calling on the Minister to acknowledge and address the growing employment crisis in East Cork, particularly Youghal and Cobh.


“The people of East Cork want government to deliver jobs, by ways of infrastructural improvements and policy changes.  So far they have not delivered job creation but rather have overseen the decimation of the industrial base in Cobh and Youghal.”


“We need to see jobs decentralised across Co Cork.  We want people as far as possible to be able to work in their own towns, not for workers to be leaving their families early in the morning and arriving home late in the evening. 


“It is time the Minister and the IDA stopped paying lip service to job creation and got down to the job at hand, delivering regionally balanced employment for the people of Ireland.” CRíOCH

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