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Ché Guevara 40th Anniversary 'Celebración de un Héroe Internacional'

11 October, 2007

To mark Ché Guevara’s 40th anniversary Sinn Féin has this week organised a number of celebratory events throughout the city in memory of this internationalist icon.


Concluding the week’s events will be a vigil outside the GPO this evening between 6:30pm and 7:30pm followed by a ‘Celebración de un héroe internacional’ Cuban night of music food at the Floridita restaurant where Cuban Ambassador Noel Carrillo and Sinn Féin MLA Gerry Kelly will be guest speakers.


Speaking ahead of todays’s events Cuban Ambassador Noel Carrillo said:


“It has been heart warming to be part of the celebrations in memory of Ché despite being so far from home.


“Remembering Ché is important on many levels, particularly now when one looks at the changing political dynamic of Latin America.


“The revolutionary change in society that Ché fought and died for continues in the social and economic changes that we see in countries such as Venezuela and Bolivia. Equality is the cornerstone of these changes.


“In Cuba we too continue to work towards a new model of socialism. We have made mistakes in the past but despite severe political and economic isolation for so many years we have delivered public services such as health and education that most countries in the west can only dream of.


“There has been much speculation on Cuba’s future with the recent illness of Fidel Castro. Cuba like its neighbouring countries continues to build a just and equal society where basic rights such as housing, health and education can be delivered. These are the political priorities for our country’s collective leadership.


“The US continues to cause economic hardship for our people, primarily through its anti-Cuba propaganda and its longstanding blockade on imports which comes up again before the UN later this month.


“Ché’s heroic memory is a daily reminder for us of what can be achieved when ordinary people decide that another type of society is possible.” CRÍOCH


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