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McDonald slams McCreevy's scaremongering tactics on EU Reform Treaty

11 October, 2007

McDonald slams McCreevy’s scaremongering tactics on EU Reform Treaty


For immediate release: October 10th 2007


Sinn Féin Dublin MEP Mary Lou McDonald has questioned the motivation behind EU Internal Market Commissioner Charlie McCreevy’s comments yesterday that Ireland would be left in the cold if it did not ratify the forthcoming EU Reform Treaty. 


Ms McDonald said:


“Mc Creevy’s comments are farcical and without merit. The French and Dutch people rejected the Reform Treaty’s predecessor the EU Constitution and the world of the EU kept spinning.


“The fact remains that all major EU players have agreed that the content of the Reforms Treaty differs little from its much maligned forerunner which was in fact put to only four referendums out of the 27 member states. Two voted for and two countries against.


“Perhaps Mr. McCreevy cares little for the best interests for the Irish people and more so for his party colleague Bertie Ahern has who is now looking to become President of the European Council when he steps down from Irish politics. This job will not actually exist unless the Reform Treaty is passed.


“Naturally as Commissioner of the EUs Internal Market Mr. McCreevy’s political objective is to accelerate the liberalising of our public services and to ensure as many of our national decision making powers are moved to Europe. Both will be achieved should the EU Reform Treaty come into legal being.


“We need a grown up and robust debate during the EU Reform Treaty Campaign. The Irish people deserve better than the type of low brow scaremongering tactics illustrated by Mr. McCreevy yesterday.” CRÍOCH

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