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Sinn Féin MEPs vote to 'toughen up' EU position on Climate Change

23 October, 2007

Sinn Féin's all-Ireland team has been working together on the issue of Climate Change in the European Parliament in Strasbourg.  Both Dublin MEP Mary Lou McDonald and northern MEP Bairbre de Brún voted together in the parliament's influential Climate Change Committee to toughen the EU's position on climate change in upcoming negotiations.


The Climate Change Committee of the European Parliament is setting out a strong signal for the EU position at December's critical meeting on Climate Change in Bali. It stresses that the target of limiting warming to +2°C above pre-industrial levels means reducing global greenhouse gas emissions by at least 50% by 2050 compared to the 1990 level.  It also calls for industrialised countries, including the USA and Australiato commit to higher targets of 60%-80% by 2050 compared to the 12990 level.


Speaking after the Climate Change Committee vote, Bairbre de Brún said "We need to be mindful of the accelerating pace of climate change, and that developing countries will be the hardest hit.  Industrialised countries need to provide a lot more support for risk reduction and adaptation to climate change in low-income vulnerable countries"


Stressing that combating climate change will lead to the creation of more sustainable societies, Ms McDonald said: “EU countries must boost investment in technology areas such as energy efficiency and renewables.  Efforts to decarbonise the economy will offer significant business opportunities in the time ahead and the government should introduce fiscal incentives to develop research into clean technologies." CRÍOCH





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