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New threats issued to Sinn Féin councillors

24 October, 2007

Sinn Féin MLA for North Belfast Gerry Kelly said that threats delivered to five party Councillors in the area overnight were unacceptable and would not prevent or prohibit the Councillors continuing to serve the community who elect them.

Mr Kelly said:

"Over the weekend five Sinn Féin councillors from North Belfast and Newtownabby who have been nominated to local DPPs received threats instructing them to resign these positions. Quite rightly the councillors involved refused to be intimidated and publicly stated that they had no intention of leaving the DPP.

"Last night the PSNI once again visited the homes of the five Councillors informing them that these threats to their lives had once again been issued.

"I have to say those behind these threats need to reflect long and hard on their position. They have taken their place in a long line of people including the British State and their surrogate loyalist gangs in threatening Sinn Féin public representatives and members. These threats and campaigns of violence against our party failed in the past to stop us representing the people who elect us and they will continue to fail in the future." ENDS

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