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Boylan welcomes Sinn Féin MEP's partipation in China climate change talks

6 November, 2007

Sinn Féin MLA for Newry/Armagh, Cathal Boylan has welcomed this weeks visit by party colleague, Bairbre de Brún MEP to China as part of a European Parliament committee involved in a series of high-level meetings to formulate proposals on the EU's policy on climate change.

Mr Boylan said:"the Euorpean Parliament's Temporay Committee on Climate Change which Bairbre is an active member off has been tasked to bring forward proposals and co-ordinate the parliament's position in the negotiations regarding the international framework for climate policy after 2012 (post Kyoto).

"The committee which is undertaking a number of visits to various countries is fully aware of the growing importance of China as a world economy and the effects of such economic growth on climate change.

Ms de Brún speaking to journalists in advance of her visit said: "China is the most populous country in the world, which is rapidly developing. It is the second biggest emitter of green house gases after the USA at the moment.

"China has taken cognisance of the fact that if it follows the path that industrialised countries follow in building up their economies then it will have the same serious effects in terms of its impact on climate change and its impact on the planet.

"China has now decided to put the environment at the heart of their five-year new economic development and earlier this year unveiled the first national plan for climate change." Deireadh

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