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Tierna Cunningham condemns Whitewell sectarian attack

12 November, 2007

Sinn Féin Councillor for Castle Ward, Tierna Cunningham has condemned an attack on homes and cars in the Whitewell area in the early hours of this morning and appealed for unionist political representatives to show leadership in their communities in the wake of the attacks.

Local residents were alerted at approximately 3.30am this morning when a crowd of 5 men entered the Serpentine Road area smashing windows of homes and damaging cars. They also tried to set a car alight. One of the men was heard shouting "Up the UDA" whilst running from the scene.

Mrs Cunningham said: "These were serious attacks this morning. Thankfully nobody was killed or injured but things could have been very different.

"Local residents are very concerned and afraid at this morning's unprovoked incident. It seems that the element involved were at least unhappy with yesterday's UDA statement and wanted to demonstrate this by attacking Catholics in a vulnerable area.

"Sinn Fein has worked tirelessly across North Belfast, and in the Whitewell / White City areas in particular, to ensure a peaceful existence for all residents. Community and interface workers from White City have not been found wanting in working to the same end.

"However we are not witnessing the same level of commitment by Unionist politicians. I am therefore calling for representatives of the DUP and UUP in the area to show some positive leadership in bringing this type of attack to an end. These attacks are wrong and must cease immediately." ENDS

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