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Sinn Féin calls on Taoiseach to reverse cuts to CE schemes

7 October, 2003

that places are being cut in such schemes and this is having a huge knock-on effect with many schemes being forced to close down altogether? Day care, adult literacy schemes, meals and transport for the elderly - all of these are effected. This attack on communities is compounded by the cuts in the Voluntary Training Opportunities Scheme - VTOS ? whereby people availing of educational opportunities are having their childcare support withdrawn?

"Does the Taoiseach accept that CE posts have become an integral part of the community infrastructure throughout this State? Will the Taoiseach reverse these cuts and recognise the valuable work that is being done both for communities and, very importantly, for CE participants themselves, many of whom will not be able to adapt to full-time work in mainstream employment?

"These schemes are doing work the Government has failed to do otherwise through better funding for local government, the health boards and the community and voluntary sector. As a result of these cuts valuable facilities such as community centres are becoming white elephants because they will not have the CE workers to staff them." ENDS

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