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Kelly condemns death threats against Sinn Féin DPP members

15 November, 2007

Sinn Féin North Belfast MLA Gerry Kelly has condemned the deaths threats issued against more than 11 Republicans who are members of the local policing partnership boards in Belfast emanating from an organisation calling itself the Irish Liberation Republican Army.

Mr Kelly said:

"In recent days there have been reported threats coming from so-called republicans (Irish Liberation Republican Army) specifically targeting 11 republican across Belfast including Sinn Féin councillors in West Belfast and North Belfast who sit on local DPPs.

"Also a call to the Irish News this morning from someone claiming to represent the same group threatened all Sinn Féin members.

"I have to say those behind these threats need to reflect long and hard on their position.

"They have taken their place in a long line of people including the BritishState and their surrogate loyalist gangs in threatening and targeting republicans and nationalists. These threats and campaigns of violence against our party failed in the past to stop us representing the people who elect us and they will continue to fail in the future.

"Sinn Féin members who sit on DPPs are actively promoting and seeking proper policing for their local areas." Deireadh


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