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Sinn Féin Condemns Bin Tax Sentences - Court Criminalises Peaceful Protest

9 October, 2003

Sinn Féin Councillor and Finglas Anti Bin Tax campaigner Dessie Ellis has condemned the sentencing of ten Anti Bin Tax activists for sentences of up to two weeks this morning.

Speaking from the Courts Cllr Ellis said:

"These people were engaged in peaceful political protest against an unjust form of double taxation. The harsh sentences handed out to them, especially to one woman who will be separated from her newborn child for a week show the contempt this State has for people who take a stand on principle.

"How many ordinary working people is the Council prepared to bring charges against before it sees sense on this issue? To what extent are the Courts willing to criminalise peaceful political protest while the real criminals in Irish society get away scot free? The Government has clearly woefully underestimated the strength of feeling on this issue.

"The so-called Bin Tax is nothing more than a corporate welfare programme, with ordinary householders paying exorbitant taxes because business and industry aren't prepared to pay their fair share. The campaign against it will continue and the judgement today will only deepen the anger of the thousands of activists and supporters across Dublin." ENDS

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