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McLaughlin -British must end uncertainty and call election

10 October, 2003

Sinn Féin Chairperson Mitchel McLaughlin speaking at a meeting of the party's Ard Chomhairle in Dublin this afternoon has called on the British government to end the public uncertainty and call the Assembly election.

Mr. McLaughlin said:

"At today's meeting the Ard Chomhairle were given an update on the current talks with the Irish and British governments and the Ulster Unionist Party. People from right across the country reported on the growing frustration at the ongoing impasse and the attempts by the Ulster Unionists to jeopardise the chance of making progress by continuously raising the bar.

"The British government should end the public uncertainty and confusion over the election. An election is a democratic imperative and it is our belief that we have won the argument on this matter, nationally and internationally.

"It is clear that there is no option other than an election. Democracy must be upheld and in these difficult times politics must be seen to work.

"It is vital that in the months ahead that we use our voices to secure the full implementation of the Agreement. I am calling on nationalists to use any election to strengthen the peace process and the process of change."ENDS

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