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Sinn Féin meet PSNI over policing in Derry

26 November, 2007

A Sinn Féin delegation met with the PSNI in Derry to raise their concerns over the incident which led to Gary Donnelly having his arm broken. The delegation consisted of Paul Fleming, Maeve McLaughlin and Raymond McCartney.

Speaking after the meeting Mr McCartney said:

"We outlined to the PSNI our concern over the incident which led to Gary Donnelly being arrested and his arm being broken and made it clear that it bore all the hallmarks of bad policing. The PSNI were left in no doubt that this type of policing will not be tolerated.

"We stated that the officer involved in the incident should be suspended without prejudice while the incident is investigated by the Police Ombudsman. We were informed that the power of suspension now lies with the Ombudsman and we will be in contact with that office to reiterate our call for suspension.

"We urge anyone with information about this incident to contact the Ombudsman's Office.

"We also discussed the recent attack on a taxi man in Drumahoe and we received an up date on that investigation.

"We welcome this type of engagement and an open and frank exchange of views. These meetings will continue as we maintain our efforts to have proper and accountable policing." ENDS

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