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Flexicurity will further undermine rights of most vulnerable workers - McDonald

28 November, 2007

Speaking this evening on the report put to the EU Parliament on ‘Flexicurity’ Sinn Féin Dublin MEP Mary Lou McDonald warned that the primary objective contained within the report was to erode workers rights.


The Dublin MEP said:


“We should be in no doubt that the goal of ‘Flexicurity’ is to deregulate labour laws ths giving priority to the wants of employers over the needs of workers.

“Interestingly the PES and PPE EU Parliamentary Group’s of which Labour is a member of the former and Fine Gael the latter, vaoted to delete the benchmark of 2% GDP for investment in life long learning which was mentioned in the original draft report.


“This was one of the few progressive measures contained within the report. It would also have been extremely useful to Ireland as we urgently need to look at upskilling and retraining the many thousands of workers who will face unemployment as the manufacturing and construction sectors continue to decline.


“There is nothing substantive in the report that ensures increased job security for vulnerable workers yet the heavy handed emphasis questionably remains on ‘modern’ social security, adaptable contractual relations and workers ‘obligations’.


“Women in particular will bear the harshest brunt of the Flexicurity objective. With the majority of people on part-time contracts being women, the effects of the consequent uncertainty, not to mention the inadequate health and pension provisions, will have specific relevance for promoters of gender equality. Unfortunately what we are seeing more and more is that such injustices are simply being ignored.” CRÍOCH

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