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Support for Rape Crisis Centre

29 November, 2007

Following yesterdays report from Amnesty International highlighting the lack of services and provision of trained counsellors to help women and children who are raped or abused Sinn Fein MLA Jennifer McCann has called on the executive to find funding for the Rape Crisis Centre.

Ms McCann said:

"This organisation provides a service that is vital to women and children who are survivors of rape and sexual crimes yet they have been operating on a shoestring budget for years.

"There is already a dearth of services and provision to women and children in the North of Ireland resulting in many of them having to travel long distances to access counselling and other services and yet here we have an organisation that has 25 years of experience dealing directly with those in need who are being forced to close due to lack of funding.

"I would appeal to the Executive to ensure this does not happen and to find the funding necessary to ensure this Centre remains open.

"The Rape Crisis is a lifeline to many women and children who would have no where else to go to access the services and support they need.

"Government need to deal with the issue of Rape and Sexual Abuse as a priority and not allow services like the Rape Crisis Centre provide to be denied to the people that need them most." ENDS

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