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Covert spying in Louth allegations raise serious question for British government

30 November, 2007

Sinn Féin Louth TD Arthur Morgan has said today allegations in the media that the British Army remains engaged in using covert cameras to spy on people in South Armagh, West Belfast and County Louth raises serious questions for the British government.

Deputy Morgan said:

"The allegations made by a former British Army soldier are extremely worrying. The man, who has stated he was as a member of the Covert Observation Platoon, contacted the Relatives for Justice Group with allegations of the use of covert cameras in West Belfast, South Armagh and County Louth.

"I understand the man and already shown the Relatives for Justice Group some of the South Armagh homes spied on and will over the coming days go through the same process in Louth.

"State sponsored spying of its own citizens is never acceptable, but even more so when it takes place outside of its own jurisdiction.

"We already have grave concerns regarding collusion between Loyalist paramilitaries, the PSNI and sections of the British Army.

"Only this week the EU Court of Human Rights vindicated local families who were victims of collusion and had family members murdered because of RUC and UDR activities in South Armagh.

"If these allegations prove to be true Sinn Féin will raise the matter at the highest level politically. There is no justification for such despicable and unjust acts against ordinary people. Securocrats have, for far too long, been a thorn in the side of this islands Peace Process. The British government must once and for all cease such illegal activity." ENDS

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